Cool Anime Characters – Which Is Your Favorite?

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Anime series are becoming more and more popular in the Western World. These TV shows that originate in Japan are finally making the move to the West. Thanks to the streaming platform Netflix, many of these shows are available in the US. Fans in the US can enjoy some of the cool anime characters and their story.

Anime series are an adaptation of manga series. Who is the coolest anime character? Well, we cannot say that for sure. But we have several coolest anime characters that are worth a look at. Check these shows for more on the best anime characters in Japanese culture.

Light Yagami – Death Note

light yagami

Yagami is devilish, determined, and calculating. He wants to revamp the world in his own image. He is the reason for the success of Death Note.

The anime series was exceedingly addictive. The author Tsugumi Ohba is great at creating cliffhangers. And that is the reason why fans keep coming back to the show.

Light Yagami is an intricate mix of setting goals to make the world a happier and safer place, but with the wrong mindset. His development through the series is just amazing and shows anime series truly care about character development.

Makishima – Psycho-Pass


This guy retained his individualism within a society that enforces conformity. He was the primary antagonist of the first season of Psycho-Pass and one of the most compelling villains in anime history.

Makishima was criminally asymptomatic. What does that mean? Well, the Sybil System was unable to detect any criminal intent. His crimes often went unpunished.

He was guilty of murder, but his words resonated with fans and characters to the point of making him relatable and popular. This complex criminal wanted a world of free-thinking individuals instead of the conforming robots the Sybil System created. He had a great dream. That is undoubted. But his methods of getting there were questionable.

Lelouch Lamperouge – Code Geass


Lelouch appeared in one of anime’s most tightly structured and multifaceted series. He was as a complex character as they come. And that is why he makes it on the list of cool anime characters. At one point, he was a prince 17th in line to the throne and renounced his status after the assassination of his mother and the crippling of his sister.

As a political hostage in banishment, he found an opportunity for revenge and redemption after stumbling upon C.C. She was a mysterious girl who grants him the power of Geass. It was a strange ability that allows Lelouch to dictate the action of any person at once.

He used this gift to continue his path of redemption and destruction. Through the television series, he becomes a leader of the revolutionary group, The Order of the Black Knights. As a fan favorite character, Lelouch delivers everything you want from the main protagonist.

Itachi Uchiha – Naturo


We have a couple of Naturo characters next on our list. And Itachi is the first one. He has a vivid and unique backstory.

Many anime fans call him the Batman of anime. To be honest, it sums up his personality and how cool he is. Itachi is a martyr, a true hero who was wronged by those in power. Therefore, he is a pitiable character.

He starts his journey by witnessing a World War at the age of 4. This turned him into a pacifist. During the show, he shows his willingness to do what’s right. Think of him as cool as Deadpool. He is an anti-hero that fans couldn’t think of as bad.

Naruto Uzimaki – Naruto


Here is another Naruto character. The main protagonist is a loudmouth ninja in the Leaf village. He is a brash and immature person from the very beginning of the show.

His usual way of communication is screaming in your face. As a pure goofball, he is funny and interesting. Yet, when it comes to his abilities and capabilities, he is the most determined and fierce fighter in the anime world.

Naruto is an idealistic fool. And it makes it hard for fans not to admire the code of honor that goes with it. His only goal in life is to become Hokage. But passing ninja school is not as easy as it seems.

Yami Sukehiro – Black Clover

yami black clover

This guy appreciates the magical outcasts of the Clover Kingdom. He oozes cool in every scene he appears in. This anime boy uses dark magic, one that is interesting and effective against evil.

He possesses a natural talent for magic and rose quickly through the ranks. Now, he is a Magic Knights Captain.

The main reason fans love him is his ability to accept mages who were discarded by the rest of society. Think of him as the one who accepts outcasts. And we all love outcasts and misfits, right?

Vegeta – Dragon Ball Z


We cannot talk about the coolest anime characters without mentioning Dragon Ball Z. And Vegeta is one of the most popular characters in the show. When he speaks, everyone listens. The Saiyan Prince is a gifted public speaker who often delivers passionate monologues.

The popular character tells opponents why they lost before beating them. That makes him even more superior and look more powerful.

And when he is on the verge of defeat, he likes to remind his enemy just how foolish it is to doubt the strength of Saiyans. So badass, right?

His deep and serious personality is in contrast to Goku and his easygoing personality.

L Lawliet – Death Note

l lawliet

Here is another Death Note main character. L Lawliet is the opposite of Light Yagami. He is the world’s greatest detective.

Looking at the character design he is an aesthetically distinct character. L manages to steal the show in every scene he appears. Why do fans love him? Well, one might say because of his high-level intelligence, eccentric personality, or sweet tooth diet. In any case, he leaves an impression on the viewers. And that adds to the intrigue of an already suspenseful series.

L is the perfect foil to Light. He matches him in intelligence but aesthetics as well.

Spike Spiegel – Cowboy Bebop


Combine Bruce Lee and his martial art with an overdose of film noir, and you have Spike Spiegel. He was an amalgamation of several influences which resulted in a character that was more than the sum of its parts.

The TV series aired in 1998 as a mixture of cultures around the world. And Spike was in the center of everything. Voice actor Steve Blum was the one responsible for the effortless coolness of the fictional character.

Levi – Attack on Titan


Levi is the best anime example of “big things come in small packages”. He has a complicated and fascinating history.

Levi never smiles, and that is what makes him look irritable and challenging to approach. But he is a veteran who knows his stuff is through everything.

While he might look irritable, Captain Levi is always focused on the task. He has no time for humor or banter.

Levi challenges the notion of perfection and attains maximum potential when the story begins.

Giyu Tomioka – Demon Slayer


Giyu is one of the few open-minded characters in Demon Slayer. This fictional character has all the characteristics of your typical cool anime guy. He is powerful, yet calm and mysterious.

Unlike most cool anime characters in Demon Slayer, he remains open-minded despite the black-and-white nature of his work.

Through the series, we see his story and love for Nezuko. Upon seeing Nezuko’s love for her brother even in her demon form, he decides to spare her. He remains open-minded in the idea that not all demons are evil.

Saitama – One Punch Man


Saitama who portrays the One Punch Man is arguably the strongest character in anime. This series has some of the best combat actions in anime.

After three years of rigorous training, was able to withstand any blow and defeat any enemy. He has supreme power and strength, but that leaves the main character depressed. The series perfectly shows how you might feel depressed even when you have everything.

Shoto Todoroki – My Hero Academia


If you are an anime fan, you surely know My Hero Academia.

Let’s finish off the list of cool anime characters with one of the most famous anime series of all time. Shoto is a young man who is reasonably tall, quite muscular, and with a well-built body.

He grew up resenting his father because of the lifetime abuse he endured from him. Shoto endured both physical and verbal abuse from the Endeavor.

That makes him half cold and half hot, a combination of fire and ice, one from his mother and the other from his father.

Shoto wears a hero costume while performing heroics. But in essence, he is a socially awkward kid who is quite compassionate.

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