Winx Club Characters – Get To Know Them

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Who is the strongest Winx character? Who is the oldest character in the Winx Club? Which Winx fairy is the weakest? Well, we have the answers to all of your questions about Winx Club characters.

The popularity of the original series prompted Netflix to create Fate The Winx Saga. Iginio Straffi created the Netflix show.

Today, we will get to know each and every one of them and their chilling adventures. Stay with us.

Princess Bloom


The Fairy of the Dragon Flame, Bloom is the fiancé of Prince Sky. She is the second princess of Domino and its Guardian Fairy. She is also a main character in the Winx Saga.

Bloom appears as a slightly fair-skinned girl with waist-length orange-red hair and a single small hair strand. That was her appearance until season four when her appearance changed.

She started off as an insecure girl because of her true origins were unknown to her. She had strange, yet potent powers. But as she learned more about magic powers and herself, she grew curious about her past.

Princess Bloom cares about all of her friends, allies, and families.



The fairy of music hails from Melody and also acts as a Guardian Fairy. She is the daughter of Matlin and Ho-Boe and the girlfriend of Riven. They have a difficult but passionate relationship.

This Winx Club character appears as a light girl with an almost pale skin tone and dark blue hair. Initially, she kept her hair in short pigtails. But she let it grow out from season 3 onwards.

Musa loves music, dancing, singing, and playing instruments. Yet, her favorite instrument is the concert flute. That was the first instrument she ever learned to play.

Because she is the Fairy of Music, she has music-based powers. Her powers are connected with the actual power of sound waves and sonic pressure.

Crown Princess Aisha


In some versions, she appears as Princess Layla. She is the Fairy of Waves and the Crown Princess of Andros. She joined the Winx club as its sixth member in the second season.

Aisha is a dark-skinned girl with a medium brown complexion. In season eight, her hair becomes slightly reddish-brown.

Speaking about her personality, Princess Aisha is an open-minded and opinionated person. She is quite intuitive, and when asked to, she can give practical and pragmatic advice. She is also one of the few persons in the Winx TV animated series that know the location of the Pixie Village. That is because the pixies trust her.



The fictional character is one of the protagonists of the Winx Club animated series. She received a small role in the first season. But her storyline expanded in the second season and became one of the more popular characters.

Flora is a sweet, shy, genuine, and calm girl that loves plants of all kinds. She experiments with plants and enjoys making tea.

Strongly connected with nature, she helps people but also takes care of the environment. Famous for hiding her feelings, her friends encourage her to speak up more.



The fairy of technology, Tecna hails from Zenith and acts as its Guardian Fairy. She is Timmy’s girlfriend and a founding member of the Winx Club. She was introduced after Bloom, Stella, and Flora.

Tecna is a student of the Alfea College for Fairies. The group often relies on her tactical and strategic skills. Her high IQ and ability to keep a rational head in times of stress make her a true leader in the group.



The Fairy of the Shinning Sun, Princess Stella is an aspiring artist and fashion designer. She always keeps her sketchbook full of fashion drawings close. Because she was held back a grade, Stella is one year older than other Winx club characters.

At times, she looks and feels immature and selfish. But she does care a lot about her friends. Her magical power comes from the Sun and the Moon. Stella can throw blasts of light energy and can make balls of heat.

Depicted as proud and self-centered, she cares a lot about her friends. Stella is also the most intuitive among Winx Club members.

Her favorite hobby is shopping and she definitely hates studying.



The youngest witch of the Trix, the trio of witches, Stormy is the most aggressive among the three. She believes she is the strongest compared to her close friends Icy and Darcy. As a former student of Cloud Tower, she was expelled.

Depicted as a woman with a tanned complexion and frizzy dark purple hair, she is a loud and wild young lady. Stormy is quick to anger and rage and can violently lash out at the smallest of annoyances using dark magic to punish them.

She shares her sisters’ lust for power. But among the Trix, she stands out as possibly the most power-hungry witch.



The King of Eraklyon, formerly the crown prince and the apparent heir to the throne. He is a fair-skinned young man with blonde hair. Like other specialists, he has a well-built body consisting of strong arms and a muscular torso.

He has a strong sense of duty. That puts him at odds with Bloom or Riven at times. But despite that, fans consider him a great leader who has no problems leading the team.

Sometimes, yet, he has a tendency to become jealous and overprotective of Bloom.



The Fairy of Animals joined the Winx club as an occasional seventh member in the fourth season. She is the youngest fairy and an animal lover. The rebellious girl is very emotional.

She wears a sea green, long-sleeve, skin-tight cropped shirt with a hot pink shirt over it. While she is rebellious, Roxy is sometimes shy.

During the Winx Club original series, she shows her love for animals and keeps them as pets to the point of making her own secret shelter.



The stubborn maverick of the Specialists, Riven is also Musa’s love interest. He has short spiked magenta-colored hair. He wears a different outfit almost every season.

He is a bit of a lone wolf. While very competitive, he can be prone to jealousy and oftentimes, aggression. Riven loves sports and physical combat.

He frequently doubts himself. The show depicts him as sensitive to what people think of him. This often makes him question who his true friends are.

But as time goes on, he becomes more compassionate and relaxed. He stops taking jokes too seriously and smiles a lot more following season four.



The main protagonist of season five was once a normal Triton. He is the son of King Neptune and Queen Ligea.

Tritannus looks almost identical to his twin brother, Prince Nereus. He has long hair, fair skin, a muscular body, and a long snake-like tail.

Tritannus is extremely envious of his brother. His father chose Nereus as the crown prince and liked him more than Tritannus.

In jail, he met the Trix and became good friends with Icy. She is the only one who can understand him.

Tritannus is extremely cruel. He turned his own family into mutants and used Nereus and Ligea to attack Neptune and Tressa before turning them into mutants as well.



Crown Prince Nereus is a Triton and son of Neptune. He closely resembles his twin brother, including markings on his chest and forehead.

But unlike Tritannus who is vengeful and cruel, Nereus is kind and caring. But that side makes him unable to accept certain things.

Nereus also believe in second chances, as shown when his brother has been captured, and Nereus allowed him to speak.



Darcy is the most intelligent of the three witches. Devious and manipulative, she uses darkness and hypnotics to confuse and control her opponents. Similar to her partners Icy and Stormy, she is a former student of Cloud Tower.

The young woman demonstrates a sadistic personality. Yet, she is more controlled and least aggressive among the three.

Among the Trix, Darcy is the one who doesn’t let her lust for power dominate her life.

Princess Icy


Described as having a heart of ice, Icy is the eldest member of the Trix. She is the leader of the trio and her only wish is to rule the universe.

As her name says, she is a cold type of person and often acts cruelly for the sake of being cruel. She tends to act rudely and ridicule people she does not approve of.

And no, Darcy and Stormy are not safe from her cruelty. She sometimes torments them whenever something goes wrong.

Headmistress Faragonda


It is only fitting that we finish off the list of Wing Club characters with the headmistress of Alfea College for Fairies. She was once a student herself. Faragonda plays a major role in helping Bloom to discover her past and her true powers.

She is an elderly fairy, a kind soul who cares a lot about her students. Yet, she will not put up with nonsense. When needed, she can use dispense discipline.

Her relationship with Griffin, the Headmistress of Cloud Tower is a strange mixture of true friendship and slight rivalry.

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