Jeffree Star No Makeup – Famous Beauty Artist Caught Without Makeup

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Jeffree Star is an American YouTube personality, makeup artist, and former singer and songwriter. Born Jeffrey Lynn Steininger Jr in November 1985, he is the founder and owner of Jeffree Star Cosmetics. Famous for his makeup tutorials, you can also find some Jeffree Star no makeup photos online. Have you seen the Internet personality without makeup?

Let’s talk about his career rise and check some of the no-makeup photos.

Career Rise

Born in Los Angeles, California, Jeffree grew up in Orange County, California. He began experimenting with his mother’s makeup as a child. The YouTuber convinced his mother to let him wear makeup to school when he was in junior high.

After high school, he legally changed his name to Jeffree Star and relocated to Los Angeles. There, he worked as a makeup artist, and model, and did some music jobs. In the early years, he used a fake ID to attend Hollywood clubs where he worked for celebrities as a personal makeup artist.

Jeffree is one of the early MySpace stars. He used the MySpace platform to promote his music and fashion design career. He used it as a blog, sharing his personal life and providing social commentary on self-image and confidence, as well as beauty.

He built quite a fan base before moving away from MySpace. He started his music career as an electronica and pop vocalist. That started when he became friends with Samantha Maloney, a drummer for Peaches. He encouraged Jeffree to make music.

Star was part of the True Colors Tour 2007, traveling through 15 cities in the United States and Canada. The tour was sponsored by the LGBT Logo channel. In 2009, Jeffree released his only studio album, Beauty Killer.

Over the years, Jeffree has made headlines by conflicting with other personalities, including Kat Von D, Tati Westbrook, Shane Dawson, Kylie Jenner, Kim Kardashian, and many more.

Thanks to his popularity, Jeffree founded his e-commerce makeup brand, Jeffree Star Cosmetics in 2014. The Internet personality stated that his music career left him bankrupt, and he used the remaining savings of his beauty career to start his makeup brand.


Is Jeffree Star Transgendered?

Because of the use of makeup, many people and fans think the YouTube star is a transgender person. But that is not the reality. He identifies himself as male, and as a gay man. Yet, he likes the androgyny look and likes makeup. You can say he is not fitting any gender norms, but he is a dude.

Here is what he says about it, “I had so many thoughts in my head because I’ve always been really feminine, and I didn’t understand that I could be a male and wear makeup and feminine clothes and not be a woman. I was confused”.

And when people call him a cross-dresser, he replies “I am just Jeffree”. He just gender-bends his clothes and makeup.

Jeffree Star No-Makeup Photos

Young Jeffree


Can you recognize the guy in this photo? Would you say that is Jeffree? We know we surely cannot say with certainty. Yet, it is him. It just goes to show you how much makeup can change you.

Party Animal


Here is another photo that you will have a hard time recognizing as Jeffree Star. It is a photo of his younger days when he was into music and parties. Electronic music parties definitely bring out the weirdest facial expressions in people.

Beauty Routine


This is how YouTuber Jeffree Star keeps his face shining and beautiful. He has his own makeup line and cosmetics line. Jeffree promotes his line through social media. Yet, in this photo, he promotes another product. He definitely has the talent for selling makeup products.



This Jeffree Star no makeup photo features just a bit of makeup. And it serves as a great example of how a touch of makeup can change your appearance. We are not used to seeing Jeffree with minimal makeup.

Promoting His Own Products


Dive into the rich ingredients of Jeffree Star cosmetics. That is the caption of the photo. And the young star definitely knows how to pose to sell his products. A bathtub picture sells a lot, wouldn’t you say?

Working Out


Google Jeffree Star no makeup, and this picture is the one that kicks you right in the face. Can you believe that is Jeffree? It is one of the most iconic Jeffree Star without makeup photos. We just couldn’t believe it.

Bubblegum Queen


We said in the beginning that Jeffree identifies himself as a male. But now and then, he posts a picture with a caption like this one that confuses people. No, we repeat, he is not a transgender person. He is a homosexual person.

Jeffree And His Dogs


If there is one thing Jeffree loves more than anything, it is his dogs. He loves his dogs. Jeffree has a lot of Pomeranian dogs. In this picture, he had to say goodbye to one of his favorite puppies, Diamond. He had the female Pomeranian for 9 years.

Testing Products


The photo is from a video of Jeffree testing products from Kylie’s skin line. As you might assume, he didn’t have a lot of positive things to say about it. But at least we got a no-makeup photo.

Two Faces


Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. It is a famous quote. But not a lot of people truly understand its meaning. This picture is a great example. There are two sides to each story. And even a no-makeup side can look beautiful.

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