Kayleigh McEnany No Makeup – Former White House Secretary Caught Without Makeup

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Kayleigh McEnany is an American conservative political commentator and author. She served as the 33rd White House press secretary for the Trump administration. Kayleigh held the position from April 2020 to January 2021. Following her White House job, she now works as an on-air contributor for Fox News.

Born in April 1988, McEnany started her media career as a producer for Huckabee on Fox News. Then, she worked as a commentator on CNN. Fun fact: At the beginning of the 2016 Republican Party presidential primary, she was a critic of Donald Trump. Yet over time, she became one of his staunchest defenders.

During her time as a White House secretary, the most memorable Kayleigh McEnany no makeup photo became a viral hit. We will talk more about it, take a look at some other Kayleigh McEnany no makeup photos, and discuss her rise to a position in the Trump administration.

Rising to White House Secretary

Photo: instagram.com

Born in April 1988 in Tampa, Florida, she was raised in Tampa. Kayleigh is the daughter of commercial roofing company owners Michael and Leanne McEnany.

She attended the Academy of the Holy Names, which is a private Catholic preparatory school. Following her graduation, she majored in international politics at Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service in Washington.

McEnany also enrolled at the University of Miami School of Law, but then transferred to Harvard Law School. During her time at the University of Miami, she received the Bruce J Winick Award for Excellence.

Even as a college student, she interned for politicians, including Tom Gallagher, Adam Putnam, and George W Bush. She even worked in the White House Office of Communications, where she wrote media briefings.

During her time in law school, Kayleigh appeared on CNN as a paid commentator. She left her position at CNN in August 2017. The next day, she hosted a 90-second webcast on Trump’s personal Facebook page.

McEnany praised President Donald Trump and became one of his biggest supporters, saying he helped her bring the real news to the American people. As you know, the term fake news was quite popular during the Trump administration.

After Mark Meadows replaced Mick Mulvaney as White House chief of staff in April 2020, he hired her as White House press secretary.

Just two months into her tenure, the Associated Press wrote of her, “she has made clear from her first briefing that she’s willing to defend her boss’s view of himself as well as his most flagrant misstatements”.

Fun fact: she made a false declaration of victory for Trump on election day while ballots were still counted.

Following the end of the Trump administration, she joined Fox News as an on-air contributor. She was then named co-host of Outnumbered, a show alongside Harris Faulkner and Emily Compagno.

Twitter reacts to Kayleigh McEnany no makeup photo

Kayleigh McEnany No Makeup
Photo: twitter.com

Kayleigh McEnany made a huge mistake appearing at a White House press briefing with almost no makeup. And that picture is what prompted the whole Kayleigh McEnany no-makeup trend.

The photo quickly spread on Twitter, and we got many viral memes. The most original was captioned simply, “hair and makeup quit”. The meme got almost 100k likes in a day.

Another Twitter user suggested that “among the many resignations at the White House since Wednesday was the press secretary’s makeup artist”.

Yet, at the same time, users were defending the White House secretary. Some users wrote it was misogynistic and “builds up the patriarchal world we should be trying to dismantle”.

To continue on the topic, studies have found that women who wear heavy makeup are perceived as less competent.

Was There Another Reason For Her Look?

The viral post of Donald Trump’s press secretary sparked quite the discussion on Twitter. She spoke briefly after Trump’s supporters stormed the Capitol. And she wore almost no makeup.

Kayleigh said the Trump administration condemned the mob’s violence in the strongest possible terms. But that comment came after President Trump said he “loved” the rioters calling them “very special”. During that press conference, McEnany spoke for only two minutes and did not take questions from reporters at the press conference.

Commentators on Twitter said, “there were plenty of other more important things to critique about her than this”.

But one woman said, “I’m not saying she looks uglier or doesn’t, but she looks completely different, which is funny”, claiming it was fair game. Another user said, “That’s the face of a lady who has been sobbing for hours and has to pull herself together to appear in public for approximately 60 seconds”.

More Kayleigh McEnany No-Makeup Posts

Last Day at Office

Photo: twitter.com

These paparazzi photos are from her last day on the job for the Trump administration. She did not give a farewell press conference nor had she announced when she was leaving. The former secretary simply ditched her normal TV glam for a fresh face and spent her last day running errands in Tampa, Florida.

Welcome to Florida

Photo: instagram.com

Kayleigh has always worked to promote Florida and the beauties the sunshine state has to offer. In this video at the beach, McEnany is seen with an American flag cap, talking about her life.

Enjoying Time With Her Sister

Photo: instagram.com

Here is another video of Kayleigh enjoying the weather without makeup. In this one, she and her sister are on a boat, having fun.

Beach Day

Photo: instagram.com

We have to include another beach photo. After all, the beach is Kayleigh’s favorite place. In this one, she enjoys it with her young daughter. The two are just having an amazing time.

Kayleigh And Her Bae

Photo: instagram.com

The photo is captioned “Christmas in Florida”. Now isn’t that something you would love to see? Sunny day in December, right? She and her husband Sean Gilmartin have been married since 2017.

Enjoying The Sunset

Photo: instagram.com

Here is a picture of Kayleigh’s full happy family. They try to spend as much time at the beach as they can. Who can blame them? The beach is an amazing place.

Football Fan

Photo: instagram.com

As a Florida-born girl, Kayleigh is a huge Tampa Bay Buccaneers fan. Here is a photo of the former White House secretary cheering for her team.

Sleeping Beauty

Photo: instagram.com

Let’s finish off the list of Kayleigh McEnany’s no makeup pictures with one with her baby girl. She captioned the photo “perfect Sunday”. And we agree. Time spent with our kids is the best spent time.

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