Top 10 Journey Songs – What Is Your Favorite Wedding Song?

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Fun fact: Journey has some of the best wedding songs. They are an American rock band, but they rock weddings. Formed in San Francisco in 1973 by former members of Santana, the band has had 19 Top 40 singles in the US. They are second in that aspect without a Billboard Hot 100 Number 1 single behind Electric Light Orchestra. Today, we will look at some of the best Journey songs.

Hopefully, we include some of your favorite Journey songs on the list. The group was formed by Steve Miller Band and Fruminous Bandersnatch in 1973. They had their biggest commercial success from 1978 to 1987, when Steve Perry was their lead vocalist. During that period, they released their most popular song, Don’t Stop Believin’. In 2009, that song became the top-selling track in iTunes history.

They have five gold and platinum albums and reached RIAA Diamond certification 15 times. We said before they have 19 Top 40 singles in the US.

They have a reputation of being one of America’s most beloved and sometimes hated commercial rock bands. So far, they have sold more than 48 million albums in the US, making them a Top 30 best-selling brand. Their worldwide sales have reached 80 million records.

In 2017, the band got inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, including lead singer Steve Perry. Current members of the band include Neal Schon as lead guitar, Ross Valory at bass, Jonathan Cain at keyboards and rhythm guitar, Deen Castronovo at drums, and Arnel Pineda as lead vocals.

The Secret To Journey’s Success

There are many elements that we can say contributed to the success of the rock band. But number one is the chemistry between band members. Neal Schon and vocalist Steve Perry combined their talents into one of the most successful rock bands.

To this day, Schon remains one of the greatest rock guitarists to ever pick up an instrument. And Perry is a unique vocalist.

They have one of the largest library of songs played on the radio today and for special events like weddings.

Perry and Schon played to each other’s strengths in their writing and that made the band successful. With that in mind, here is our list of best Journey songs.

Don’t Stop Believin’

dont stop

You cannot start a list of popular songs by Journey without their biggest hit. Every time this great song comes on the radio, people start rocking. Very few songs can achieve that legendary and iconic status.

You can never get tired of listening to Don’t Stop Believin’. It is a motivational and inspirational song at the same time. The song is a great example of a rock ballad with a fuse of hard rock. Add in the soulful skills at guitar of Neal Schon, and you have a winner.

The song has made a number of popular culture appearances. For example, it plays in the final episode of The Sopranos, it was adapted by the television series Glee, Family Guy cast sang it, and more. It was also adopted as the unofficial anthem of the 2005 Chicago White Sox and 2010 San Francisco Giants World Series championship teams.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, the song was used as an anthem for patients who were being discharged from New York-Presbyterian Queens Hospital.

Lovin,’ Touchin,’ Squeezin’


The song made it to their Evolution album in 1979. For this song, Steve Perry drew inspiration from Sam Cooke, one of his biggest influences.

Perry borrowed elements from Nothing Can Change this Love for the song. And he got a perfect balance between soulful pop vocals and Schon’s heavy rock guitar.

The song was the group’s first Top 20 hit. It begins with a bass-infused drum beat, which is then quickly joined by guitar and lush piano chords.

For the majority of the second half of the song, Journey takes inspiration from the great song by The Beatles, Hey Jude. The Na Na Na section makes an appearance here as well.



If you are looking for a song to play at your wedding, you can never go wrong with Faithfully. The lyrics “Oh girl you stand by me, I am forever yours, faithfully”, have been played at many weddings. Released in 1983 from the album Frontiers, the song is the most heartfelt song ever written.

Many people call it their favorite song on earth. It is a song that starts out slow and then reaches a climax at the end.

Many fans consider it the best song ever made by Journey. Yes, Don’t Stop Believin’ is their most popular song, but Faithfully has to be their best. And with Steve Perry’s voice, this song can touch your heart and rip it apart.

Fun fact: Bryan Adams wrote Heaven inspired by Faithfully. Prince called Cain to check whether he thought Purple Rain sounded too similar to the track.

Any Way You Want It

any way

This is the opening song of the album Departure. It is an immense and feel-good track. The band often uses the song to close its shows and concerts.

At the center of the hard rock track, fans hear a call and response between vocals and guitar, an absolute pleasure for the ears.

Even fans who do not know a thing about Journey have heard this song. And that is because the song has been featured in many movies, TV shows, and commercials.

Separate Ways

separate ways

We love this song from the Worlds Apart album. It is a song you will love turning way up and sing. You can never get sick of this song. Many fans love it only because of Steve’s voice. They go as far as saying they would never listen to it without Steve’s voice.

Separate Ways make you stop and actually listen to the song and lyric. You can always think of someone special in your life while listening to the song. It is a universal song that has managed to reach the human spirit.

The song is great from start to finish.

Open Arms


This song made it to the Escape album in 1981. Fun fact: Jonathan Cain pitched the melody idea for the song while he was a member of The Babys. Yet, singer John Waite thought it was too sentimental and shut it down.

Even Journey members thought the song is too sentimental. Schon believed it was too light for their group. But despite opposition, Perry and Cain pushed for the song and they recorded it. Open Arms reached Number 2 on the Billboard chart. It remained there for six weeks.

Today, Open Arms is a cultural touchstone.

Who’s Crying Now


As one of the more successful Journey songs, Who’s Crying Now peaked at Number 4 in the US. And in the UK, it remains the highest-charting Journey single.

The soulful piece has a simple piano riff at its heart. Perry wrote the song’s chorus going to the house of Cain during a storm. Once he came there, Cain had a few suggestions and changes.

You can tell by the instrumental that it was inspired by a storm. Moody and bitter, the song has a catchy piano hook but is not particularly joyful.

Fun fact: this was the first Journey song to feature Cain. Before that, he was a member of The Babys.

Wheel In The Sky


You have to love this song for one simple fact, Steve Perry’s voice. It is crystal in this song. This song is from the early years of Steve Perry’s career in Journey and his voice was virgin perfect.

The lyrics are amazing as well. It remains one of the most awesome songs by the band. And the intro is just amazing.

It is also one of the early Journey singles to find traction at rock ratio.

Feeling That Way

feeling that way

In the beginning, this song was an instrumental titled Velvet Curtain. Keyboardist Gregg Rolie and drummer Aynsley Dunbar wrote it before adding words and changing it to Please Let Me Stay.

But the song remained in a box until Perry joined the band. He wrote some additional material and the band recorded the track. Perry and Role shared the lead vocals on this song.

The song from the Infinity album in 1978 usually goes with Any Time. The group pairs the two songs together for concert shows.



Let’s finish the list with one of the first Journey singles to feature Steve Perry. It is a soft rock ballad. Fun fact: it started as a minor hit, reaching only Number 68 on the charts.

Today, many fans consider it one of the signature tracks by Journey. Among the many Journey tracks, this one is a mainstay of classic rock stations and sports events.

It is an ode to San Francisco, the city where the band started its journey. The band makes a lot of references to the beauty of the city and its bay. Fun fact: Steve Perry originally wrote the track about Los Angeles. He then realized it would serve San Francisco better and tweaked it together with Schon.

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