Fan Favorite Pokemon Girls We Love

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If you were born in the 1990s, you have probably watched a lot of Pokemon. The classic adventures between Ash, Misty, and Brock took them to different lands. Throughout their journey, they met a lot of new friends, explored different lands, and somehow managed to last for 10 years. For many fans, Misty is the best and most popular Pokemon girl. But for other fans, there are a lot more Pokemon girls.

Who is the female companion that tops your list? Today, we will celebrate the gals of the series. We have compiled a list of Pokemon girls, and we hope we have your favorite female character on it.



Dawn had a great anime run, and fans got to know Sinnoh thanks to Dawn. The ten-year-old Pokemon Coordinator was a traveling companion of Ash and Brock.

She wanted to become a great Top Coordinator like her mother before her, Johanna.



Iris, a dragon trainer from the Unova region, had some of the best battles in Pokemon. Fun fact: She defeated both Ash and Dawn. Iris showed fans of the show that dragons are not just for boys.

One of the reasons fans didn’t like her much was her frequent insult to Ash. She constantly calls him a little kid.

Another reason she didn’t get much more attention is because she appeared in arguably one of the weakest seasons of Pokemon.



She is one of the Pokemon girls that had a thing for Brock. Yet, she ended up marrying her doctor. Obsessed with marriage her entire life, Temacu instantly fell for Brock after saving her from falling.

Brock doesn’t know how to respond to her affection and Misty guides him through that.

Nurse Joy

nurce joy

You cannot have a list of Pokemon female characters without Nurse Joy. We interact with her more than any other NPC in the game.

The problem is she doesn’t have any sort of personality or relevancy whatsoever. But she provides the most important service in the Pokemon world. That is why we have to give her a spot.



She was the second girl to travel with Ash. She aspires to become a champion Pokemon Coordinator. May joins Ash in the Advanced Generations series as an inexperienced Trainer, and he helps her understand how to train and care for her pokemon.

In the beginning, she didn’t her for Pokemon much. But she grew exponentially as a trainer during the series.

Once Misty was gone, May helped expand the Pokemon world.



She appeared in the episode Pokemon Fashion Flash. She was a girl who put Brock in the friend zone. But she did compliment his cooking skills.

While she boosts his self-esteem, Brock feels disappointed when she denies him becoming her student.



Many fans hate Whitney. But they still remember trying to take down that Miltank. The memory of that Pokemon battle remains in the back of the head for most fans.

Her Miltank has remained infamous in the Pokemon community.



You cannot think of any Pokemon franchise list without Misty. She was one of the original main characters. Misty was the first friend to join Ash on his Pokemon journey and part of the original trio.

She raised Water pokemons and took place in several battles. During the Pokemon series, she developed feelings for Ash. Sadly, over the years, she gave way for a sideline cheerleader and lost her spunk and charm.



Some would say Serena is the original companion to Ash. She was not in the first Pokemon season. But as we see in Pokemon X and Pokemon Y, she encountered and befriended Ash years before Misty.

Serena is compassionate, relatable, and has an old history and crush on Ash. That keeps things interesting.

One reason why fans relate to her is she doesn’t know what she wants to do with her life. That is something most of us have faced during our life.



As with other Pokemon girls on the list, Hilda suffers from protagonist syndrome. But unlike Dawn, for example, she didn’t make her anime debut until the series was well past its prime.

Yet, Hilda has one of the more mature female character designs in the Pokemon franchise. She is more sophisticated than many characters.



Arguably one of the best Brock crushes in the anime series, Holly left wanting to improve herself before gaining his affection.

She saw him flirting with Nurse Joy and got heart eyes. And instead of joining Ash and Brock on their journey, she leaves behind a message to meet them again.


Lucy Masters

To this day, many fans support the relationship between Brock and Pike Queen Lucy. Brock win over her affection because he resembled her favorite Pokemon. But also she loved him to the point she fought Ash and his Pikachu as a favor for Brock.



This character first appeared in the Best Wishes series. Elesa is a Gym leader in the region of Unova. As a free spirit and fashion model, many fans loved her outfits. Elesa keeps up with the trend.

One of the downsides is her sensitivity. But her confidence covers up for that. Think of Elesa as a kind-hearted girl who would stand up to fight for what she deserves.

Officer Jenny


Officer Jenny is another important character in the Pokemon world. She deals with crime involving pokemons. No other character does that in the series.

As one of the most qualified law enforcers in all regions, Jenny often says, “Freeze drop that Pokemon”. It is a popular phrase that many fans repeat to this day.



Bea has one of the most awesome-looking character designs in the Pokemon world. Many fans even had a childhood crush on her.

Besides her looks, there is nothing special about Bea.



A Gym Leader like Brock, she didn’t reciprocate his feelings. Instead, she had a weird love with Grass-type Pokemon. She even sides with Team Rocket because of Jame’s Carnivine and Cacnea.

But Brock didn’t let that stop him from trying to win over her heart. At one point, he says their relationship could end up in a Hamlet-like way.



Cynthia remains one of the most if not the most skilled Pokemon trainer the world has ever seen. Yes, she was better than Red and Blue.

Cynthia constantly talks about strategy and that shows through her team. The way she leads with Spiritomb to counter any type of advantage you might have is amazing.

Cynthia is popular to the point they brought her back multiple times.

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