Megan Fox No Makeup – Most Sexiest Woman In The World

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Born Megan Denise Fox in May 1986, she is an American actress and model. Megan Fox has appeared in some of the biggest blockbuster movie franchises, including the Transformers franchise. Fans recognize her as one of the most beautiful women in the world. After all, she has appeared on the cover of magazines like FHM, Maxim, and Rolling Stone.

But have you seen some Megan Fox no makeup photos? Can you recognize the Transformers star without any makeup?

Actress Megan Fox made her debut in the family movie Holiday in the Sun in 2001. But her breakout role came when she portrayed Mikaela Banes in the blockbuster movie Transformers in 2007. She then reprised her role in the sequel Transformers Revenge of the Fallen in 2009.

Megan has also portrayed April O’Neil in the superhero action film, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. In the late 2010s, Megan continued to rise in popularity by portraying Reagan Lucas in the fifth and sixth seasons of the Fox sitcom New Girl.

The Sex Symbol


Today, we will look at some of the best Megan Fox no makeup photos. There is a huge reason why the famous actress is considered among the most beautiful women in the world. Remember, FHM readers voted her Sexiest Woman in the World in 2008. People named her one of the Most Beautiful in 2012 and 2017. Maxim has included her in the Top 100 Hotlists every year.

Fox has talked on the subject a few times. She has said all women in Hollywood are known and marketed as sex symbols, but that it is okay if the woman knows how to utilize her status.

Fox, for example, created a character for her public image because she was unwilling to sacrifice her true self to the world. Part of her persona includes making outlandish comments, which helped her reach a new level of fame. Megan is not your typical starlet who says all the right things.

Fox also has a couple of tattoos, which she started getting at the age of 19. She says it is a form of self-expression. Some would say she was a teenage drama queen. Fun fact: She moved to Los Angeles at 17 to pursue her acting career.

The media often compared her to fellow actress Angelina Jolie, even naming her the Next Angelina Jolie. That has also affected her image. Fox, on her part, said the comparisons indicate a lack of creativity in the media.

Over the years, the teenage drama queen has learned how to adjust to media exposure. But at the beginning of her career, she was shy and insecure. While she rejected the idea of being a role model, she said she could make young girls “feel strong and intelligent and be outspoken and fight for what they think is right”.

What is her beauty secret?

Megan Fox Best No Makeup Photos

Casual City Walk


You can see actress Megan Fox is not one of your typical celebrities that walk with makeup and dressed up even for a quick run to the store. Megan enjoys her freedom and loves walking in jeans and a shirt. That is her typical outfit for a walk in the city.

And of course, without any makeup.

The American Teenager


Looking at this photo, you can say Megan is your typical American teenager, right? The shirt is there, the cap, what more do you want? She does look beautiful even without any makeup on.

City Walk


Here is another photo of the American actress strolling through the city causally. With her water bottle to prevent dehydration, Megan walks around the city and enjoys the sun. Definitely not your typical starlet and celebrity.

Visiting Disneyland


Here is a more recent Megan Fox no makeup photo. The American actress went to Disneyland during the Covid-19 pandemic. After all, it is one of her favorite places. And no virus will keep her away from it. While the mask covers her face, her beautiful eyes shine. And they are her best feature.

Trying To Get The Perfect Photo


One thing fans love about Megan Fox is her down-to-earth character. She feels like one of us. Because she is grounded, you can even feel it in her words. Like most of us, she needs to take 1000000 photos to find the perfect one with the perfect angle and background.

Car Selfie


We had some photos of Megan casually strolling through the city. So, let’s put her in a car for a while, ok? She loves taking selfies, and fans can appreciate that. Here is an Instagram selfie with a bare face, no makeup at all.

Young Megan Fox


Here is a photo of Megan Fox young. This is probably before all the fame and Transformers franchise. You can see she had a beautiful face, smile, and every other feature you want in a sexy woman.

Walking Barefoot


Megan is walking with her shoes in her hands. Well, who cares, she is a great celebrity. This is why fans love her. She shows us even celebrities are regular people.

Los Angeles is definitely a casual city where you can walk barefoot.

A Batman Fan


We haven’t heard Megan say something about comics and her favorite superhero. But wearing a Batman shirt says more than anything else.

This no makeup photo is also from the times she was not as popular. Just look at her complete outfit.

Close up


Let’s take a look at a close-up no makeup picture. This way, you can fully appreciate her natural beauty. Megan Fox is definitely one of the most beautiful and sexiest women in Hollywood. With or without makeup.

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