Worst Comedians – Some People Are Just Not Funny

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When we talk about the worst comedians in the world, we have to talk about people who have achieved some level of success or recognition. We are not talking here about people you have never heard of. No, we are talking about some bad comedians that just cannot make you laugh. They are not as good at their jokes.

Some people are funny with the right supporting cast. But then there are some that no matter what and who you put around them, they just cannot make you laugh. Yes, these funny comedians have had some funny parts, but they are just bad.

Yes, most comedians would love to be funny as Kevin Hart, Chris Rock, Jerry Seinfeld, Eddie Murphy, Dave Chappelle, or other Comedy Central stars. But that is not the case. Today, we present to you some of the not-so-funny comedians.

Amy Schumer

amy shumer
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Amy Beth Schumer is an American stand-up comedian, actress, producer, and writer. She wrote and co-produced the sketch comedy series Inside Amy Schumer. It debuted on Comedy Central in 2013 and received a Peabody Award.

But her jokes are often flat and frequently disguising. The worst part is fans often criticize her for stealing jokes. You can find many YouTube videos where fans compare her jokes with the original jokes.

Some fans even say, “I would rather stare at a wall for 2 hours than listen to her vulgar, hypocritical jokes”.

Dane Cook

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Dane Jeffrey Cook is an American stand-up comedian. Many people find him boring. But some say he doesn’t belong on the worst comedians list. So far, he has released five comedy albums.

Fans say that much of his material is stolen. And he is not as funny as modern culture thinks. His comedy is similar to Aziz Ansari’s who pulls it off better.

Dane, on the other hand, usually yells or attempts to make it sound funny with the way he pronounces the jokes. The screaming faux entertainer is among the most hated comedians in the US.

Here is one comment about his comedy shows. It reads, “Want to know what’s funnier than actual clever comedy and creative jokes? A full-grown idiot screaming at the top of his lungs while spazzing out and making crude, tasteless jokes about genitalia that wouldn’t even get a smile from a 13-year-old!”

Whitney Cummings

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Whitney got popular thanks to her television series Whitney. Born in September 1982, she is an American actress, comedian, podcaster, and filmmaker. She is a native of Washington but pursued a comedy career in Los Angeles.

She released her first hour-long standup special, Money Shot, in 2010 on Comedy Central. Then she followed it with another comedy special titled I Love You in 2014.

In November 2019, she launched her first podcast entitled Good For You. She does regular podcasts and stand-up shows nowadays. But her jokes are just not as funny as those of other comedians.

David Spade

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Somehow this guy always keeps popping up on TV. Most fans do not find him funny. Yes, he had some moments on film with Chris Farley during Tommy Boy. But that is it.

Spade’s days at Saturday Night Live are widely considered the worst in the show’s history. Born in July 1964, David is an American actor, writer, and television host.

Besides his movie roles, Spade has been part of two long-running sitcoms, Just Shoot Me and Rules of Engagement.

Carlos Mencia

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When South Park does an episode about you, then you have to be bad. In 2009. South Park said this about him, “I took credit for it cause I am not funny. Come on, man, do you know what it’s like? Being a comedian but not just being funny”?

Everything Carlos does screams neediness. Fans cannot stand him because he steals jokes. And they even gave him his show.

Some would say he is the most annoying personality on television. He is a stereotypical Mexican who steals jokes from comedians way funnier than him. And when he tells a joke, it is not as funny.

Sarah Silverman

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Born in December 1970, Sarah is an American stand-up comedian, producer, actress, and writer. Her comedy addresses social taboos and controversial topics. For example, she talks about topics like racism, sexism, politics, and religion. Sometimes, her comic character endorses them in a satirical or deadpan fashion.

Sarah Silverman looks pretty and smiles most of the time. This might be the reason she looks good on TV. But her jokes are just flat. She is the epitome of the famous line “not terrible, not great”.

Sarah makes fun of Christians and republicans and thinks it is somehow edgy.

Brendan Peter Schaub

Brendan Schaub
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The American podcast host and former professional mixed martial artist have to be on the list of worst comedians. He is the host of The Fighter and the Kid podcast, as well as Below the Belt with Brendan Schaub podcast.

He signed with the Ultimate Fighting Championship in 2009 to compete in The Ultimate Fighter. He fought for UFC until 2014. After retiring from mixed martial arts he started performing as a stand-up comedian. Initially, he performed as a duo act with comedian Bryan Callen. Yet, he continued as a solo comedian.

Larry the Cable Guy

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Born Daniel Lawrence Whitney, he is known professionally by his stage name, Larry the Cable Guy. He is an American stand-up comedian and former radio personality.

He is what everyone in the Southern United States is stereotyped as. His jokes make him look like an uneducated working-class simpleton. He is the kind of person who laughs out loud during his performances.

His signature phrase “Get er done” is not funny at all. Fans cannot grasp the idea he says “er” instead of “it”.

Andy Dick

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With a name like Dick, you have to be funny, right? You can always make dick jokes. Well, that is not the case here. Born Andrew Roane Dick, the American comedian, actor, and musician made his debut on the Ben Stiller Show.

He had a long-running stint on NBC’s News Radio in the 1990s. In a 2006 interview, he revealed that he is bisexual. During his life, he has struggled with drug and alcohol use disorder and abuse. Dick has entered rehab programs more than 20 times to become sober.

Rosie O’Donnell

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When you get to the point of Donald Trump joking with you, something is wrong. Rosie was the poster child Trump used to make fun with people who do not like him.

She is an American comedian and actress. Born in 1962, Rosie is a supporter of LGBT rights and activists.

Fun fact: even South Park joked about her weight. The show said, “They really do look like that abomination that came from the Trapper Keeper”.

Oprah had to put Rosie on her channel to save her failing TV show. Some fans do not even know Rosie is a comedian. Simply put, she is a disgusting person who is so incredibly angry at life that her comedy is a sad act of shameless women.

Russell Brand

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Brand started his career as a comedian. He even became an MTV presenter. He achieved some fame in 2004 as a comedian, but after a short time, he transferred to movies. He also works as a voice actor. And that is what you need to know about his comedy career. While he is no good at telling a proper joke, he is great at voice acting.

Jay Leno

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Many fans consider him the worst of the late-night shows. Leno has hosted the Tonight Show from 1992 to 2009. But same as other late-night shows, they are just not as entertaining as one would think. Maybe they suffer from too much political correctness. But Leno is definitely not good at comedy.

Jeff Dunham

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Jeff Dunham had a brief success with his Achmed the Dead Terrorist act. But that was all. The American ventriloquist appears in many television shows.

He tries to create a stereotypical character for most US citizens. That is why he has Walter, Peanut, Achmed, Bubba J, Melvin, and more.

Fans find his puppets creepy. And he is sometimes homophobic in his jokes.

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