Get To Know Miraculous Characters – Who Is Your Favorite?

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The long name of the show is Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir. But many fans call it simply Miraculous. The French GGI superhero television series focuses on two Parisian teenagers, Marinette Dupan-Cheng and Adrien Agreste. They transform into superheroes Ladybug and Cat Noir, respectively, and protect the city from supervillains. But the show has so many more Miraculous characters.

Which are they? The show debuted in France in October 2015. But before that, it appeared in South Korea in September 2015.

The premise of the show is both superheroes do not each other’s true identities. But they work together to protect Paris from the mysterious villain, Hawk Moth. And during the course of the series, they struggle with their feelings for each other. Marinette is in love with Adrien but not Cat Noir. Adrien, on the other hand, is in love with Ladybug, but not Marinette.

Let’s take a look at some of the most popular Miraculous characters.

Marinette Dupain Cheng


One of the main protagonists of the series, she is a student in Miss Bustier’s class. She is a bidding fashion designer who wants to have her own brand.

She is a sweet, outgoing, and joyful girl who loves fashion, but also her friends and family. She also loves Adrien Agreste, her crush. She always tries to help those who have insecurities.

Despite her outgoing and empathetic personality, the young girl struggles with self-confidence and self-esteem. In the beginning, she was more nervous and didn’t oppose others. But as the series developed, her confidence grew and she became Ladybug.

Thanks to her confidence as Ladybug, she has gotten more calm and comfortable around Adrien as herself.

Adrien Agreste


He is the second protagonist of the show, also a student in Miss Bustier’s class at College Francoise Dupoint in Paris, France. He is a fashion model for his father’s brand. He transforms into the black cat-themed superhero Cat Noir, gaining the power of destruction. He is second in command of the French Miraculous superhero team.

He is a handsome and fair-skinned teenage boy with emerald green eyes. He wears a white button-down shirt and upturned collar and sleeves rolled up above his elbow.

As for his personality, he is a dreamer and charismatic. Yet, he often appears shy and reserved. But that is mostly because of his unfamiliarity with much of the world beyond his father’s reach.

The best part about him is he will defend his friends if matters go out of hand. Adrien might not be very openly emotional to most people, but he is friendly, understanding, and supportive.



Tikki is the kwami of Creation who is connected to the Ladybug Miraculous. With her power, her wearer can use the earrings to transform into the Ladybug-themed superhero.

Marinette uses her to transform into Ladybug. Tikki is actually a small brilliant crimson creature which is 4 inches tall.

She resembles a ladybug with two antennae and a large black spot on her forehead.

Speaking about her personality, she is calm and collected while being optimistic, kind, and encouraging. Tikki has an understanding for others. During the series, she tells Marinette not to reveal her secret identity.

Tikki is not judgmental and tries to give others a chance. She has a lot of wisdom and happily shares it with others in the series.



The kwami of Destruction who is connected to the Cat Miraculous, Plagg has been used by Adrien to transform into Cat Noir.

He s a small black creature with a small body and a large head. The inside of his mouth is purple. He has a very cat-like appearance.

At his best, he is carefree and easygoing. But at his worst, he is negligent, lazy, and sour. He is not very careful and doesn’t take situations as seriously. Adrien says that Plagg is out of control and arrogant.

He often makes bad choices and can be quite troublesome.

Gabriel Agreste


He is a famous fashion designer across Paris who created and owns the fashion brand, Gabriel. He and his wife Emilie Agreste raised Adrien, who models for him.

He looks like a very tall man whose skin tone is fair with a rosy tint.

He comes off as a cold, harsh, and very strict man. Most importantly, he is protective of his son Adrien. He keeps him home for most of his life, which prevents Adrien from knowing much about the world. Yet, despite keeping him home, Gabriel has a possessive and distant relationship with his son.

Gabriel is also very stubborn and sometimes refuses to listen to others, especially about how to use the Butterfly Miraculous.

Alya Cesaire


Another main character in the Miraculous series, she is a student and best friend of Marinette. She is also the only admin of the Ladyblog and head of the school blog.

The Creole-French girl has a curvaceous body and heart-shaped lips. With her wavy and reddish-brown ombre hair, she looks like one of the more beautiful Miraculous characters.

She is energetic, passionate, confident, and funny. Yet, she manages to stay down to earth. Her foresight has come in handy many times.

She doesn’t like being undermined or doubted by others. And that applies mostly to her work. If someone points out something to her, she is usually stubborn and doesn’t admit it.

Nino Lahiffe

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Nino is a DJ and head of the school radio. He is also the best friend of Adrien. The tall slender teenager has shot dark brown hair and moderate orange eyes.

He wears a plain red cap, black-rimmed glass, and often has a pair of blue, gray, and orange headphones hung around his neck.

As a friendly and compassionate person, he enjoys playing music at parties and hanging out with friends. And when he notices someone is upset, he will do whatever he can to comfort them.



Luka Couffaine is one of the two tritagonists. In season 3, he receives the Snake Miraculous, which, when inhabited by the kwami Sass, can transform him into Viperion. That turns him into a snake-themed superhero.

As a civilian, he has aqua eyes and medium-length black hair. As Viperion, he wears a black and cyan suit, appearing slender and muscular.

Unlike his younger sister Juleka, Luka has a calm and mysterious personality. He can easily read other people’s emotions and can express them with music.

Lila Rosi


The Italian student is also part of Miss Bustier’s class. She is also the tertiary antagonist of Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir. In the show, she is portrayed as the arch-rival of Marinette Dupain Cheng. She has a lying behavior, which often causes trouble for Ladybug and Cat Noir.

The slender teenage girl of average height has grayish-green eyes, light vermillion lipstick, and long- full-length dark grayish scarlet hair.

As for personality, she is proud and loves attention. She often obtains attention by lying. And she will do everything to support her lies.

Nathalie Sancoeur


She is Gabriel Agreste’s assistant. She manages his fashion work, mansion, and takes care of his son Adrien. She has pale skin, bluebell eyes, and black hair.

In the series, she wears glasses with black and red striped frames. She is a serious and formal woman who works diligently.

Speaking about her personality, she has a cold and distant demeanor. Nathalie rarely shows her emotions around others.

And when she deals in situations with Gabriel, she becomes nervous. That is because she is afraid to disappoint him.

Juleka Couffaine


She is the younger sister of Luka Couffaine. The slender teenage girl has pale skin and brilliant red eyes. Juleka wears a black swan-necked T-shirt with a sea green lined collar and side pockets.

She is very timid and nervous around others. Yet, she is a kind person who doesn’t speak often compared to her classmates. And when she speaks, it is usually a self-conscious mumble.

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