Best Monster Flavors To Get Your Energy Up

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Hansen Natural founded Monster Energy in 2002. Since then, the energy drink has become a beverage of choice for many hipsters, nerds, rockers, and the average Joes. With a strong kick of caffeine, Monster offers a nice alternative to coffee to start off your day. And when you think of the best Monster flavor, for some people it is a fruity flavor, and for others, it is pure coffee flavor.

Did you know Monster produces more than 34 different flavors? They range from Hawaiian Kona, watermelon, absolutely zero, Assault, and many more.

And they are unique in a way that nobody knows the exact flavor in each Monster product. Your guess is as good as anyone’s about what the drink contains. The nutrition section reveals the ingredients, but you have a hard time describing the extracts.

For example, Monster Ultra Blue tastes like blueberries, with a touch of raspberry and grape. And when you visit the Monster website, you will see it reads “it is a little less sweet and lighter-tasting”.

Sometimes, the company reveals key flavors. For example, hints of cherry in Ultra Black. But you will generally have to taste them to know the flavor of each Monster product.

Today, Monster is the second best-selling energy drink in the world, right behind Red Bull. With that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the best Monster flavor products.

Original (Green)


You cannot go wrong with the original. After all, everything else is a copy. For many fans of Monster drink, the original green is the favorite.

When you first try it, it has a weird taste. But once you get used to it, nothing can compare to the Original Monster Green.

And of course, you can always find a Monster Original in any shop. You might have a harder time finding some of the other flavors.

Zero Sugar Ultra Black

zero sugar black

There is a lot to love about the Ultra Black zero sugar drink. The packaging itself is amazing. Coming in black with gray and red highlights, the drink looks amazing. Just by holding the drink, you increase your coolness level.

The flavor is great as well, tasting like fresh black cherries. It comes with a hint of sweetness. And because of the tartness and richness of black cherries, the drink is filling.

Some people even use this drink to replace their meals. But we do not recommend that. And unlike some other Monster flavors, it tastes great even when it is not in the refrigerator.

Lo Carb – Blue

Lo Carb – Blue

You want just a little bit of sugar in an energy drink. And Lo-Carb delivers just that. It tastes like blue raspberry, not too sweet, but great all around. Expect a bit lower sweetness level compared to the Original Green Monster.

It has the perfect balance of low calories, great taste, and a drink you will not get bored of.

Kona Blend Java Monster

Kona Blend Java Monster

We said in the beginning that Monster drinks are a great alternative to coffee in the morning. So, if you want something with a coffee flavor, Kona Blend is your option.

The company didn’t get too fancy with the flavor. It tastes almost exactly like dark coffee made from a Kona blend.

But Kona has a unique taste, it is a coffee from Hawaii. But remember, if you put a lot of sugar and cream in your coffee, do not pick this drink. It is best for those who want their energy drink to taste like coffee, without many additions.

Monster Ultra Red

ultra red

The flavoring of mixed berries in this drink reminds fans of cherry cola. It is a great drink and you should give it a try. The only downside is that you will have a hard time finding the drink.

You can enjoy it if you are an athletic person. It is great for athletes who need an extra kick of energy.

Zero Sugar Ultra Violet

zero sugar ultra viole

Some people in the energy drinks world call it the Purple Monster. It is a big-time winner in the world of Monster beverages. Some people might say it has a huge amount of artificial grape flavor and additives.

But when you take the first sip, you will find out that grape is not the main flavor. Instead, you come to love the delicate citrus flavor. The artificial grape doesn’t even kick in until the aftertaste.

And even then, it is kind and gentle. Just remember, this is one of the sweeter Monster Energy drinks. So if you are looking for something with low sugar, look elsewhere.

Khaos Orange

Khaos Orange

This drink tastes like Donald Duck orange juice. Something you probably had when you were a little kid. For many fans of the Monster drinks, this one brings back memories.

You can even see stores usually sell out this drink. And that is a true testament to its greatness. It is rich in natural flavors that most energy drinks do not have.

Tea & Lemonade Monster Rehab

monster rehab tea lemonade

In the world of energy drinks, you will hardly find drinks with this combination. We have to admit, it is not a popular energy drink combination. But once you try Monster, you will love it.

On top of the really good taste, you get a lot of benefits thanks to the electrolytes, caffeine, and other ingredients packed in the drink. For example, it has a lot of potassium and magnesium, two ingredients that will definitely restore your energy. And then you look at all the vitamins, including B12, B3, B6, and B5.

Think of this drink as a great way to refresh your senses and revive your spirits.

Pipeline Punch

pipeline punch monster

For many Monster fans, this one outdoes every single drink. It is one of the absolute bests, right there with the Monster Original.

It tastes like cotton candy with something spicy inside. You get a drink that is sweet, tangy, and everything in between.

If you are into sweet drinks, this one will do the trick for you. It has a unique flavor and a nice combination of sweet and Monster classic.

Pacific Punch

Pacific Punch

This drink doesn’t have the overpowering and nauseating sweetness that plagues some fruity Monster drinks. But it has a subtle amount of sweetness, giving you the ability to taste all the different fruits inside.

Think of it as a better version of the Hawaiian punch. The list of fruits inside includes apples, pineapples, cherries, guava, passion fruit, and raspberry.

Zero Sugar Ultra Paradise

Zero Sugar Ultra Paradise

Some fans would say this drink tastes like dish soap. It is a combination of kiwi, lime, and a bit of cucumber. But the taste is far from that. It has a taste of a tropical body wash trying to be a soda.

When you take the first sip, you will taste a mild tartness. Then, you get the invigorating fruity flavor followed by a pleasantly sweet aftertaste.

Zero Sugar Ultra Watermelon


This is the most refreshing Monster energy drink. You can find it anywhere to cool off after a long day. When you spend the day in the hot afternoon, this drink will come as a great refreshment.

The refreshing flavor tastes like fresh watermelon juice that has been expertly carbonated. There is some added sweetness, but not too much.

And the best part about this Monster drink is you can easily spot it in any store.

Mango Loco

mango loco

This absolutely delicious flavor can be a bit too much for some people. We have to warn you, it is really sweet. If you drink the whole can at once, the drink will get strong.

Artificial mango has an overpowering sweetness, and it shows in this drink. So, be careful.

Swiss chocolate Java Monster

swiss choco

How about some Swiss chocolate? This chocolate-flavored energy drink sounds too good to be true. And it is exactly what you get.

It is part of the coffee-powered Java Monster line of energy drinks. But there is no coffee flavor in it. Instead, you taste Swiss chocolate. And it has the perfect balance between sweetness and richness compared to other chocolate flavors.

You can drink it as a dessert following a big meal.

Monster Energy Assault

assault red

Monster Energy Assault is the cream of the crop in the original line of Monster Energy drinks. It tastes like Coca-Cola mixed with Monster Original.

The primary flavor is cola, allowing the original energy drink flavor to play a supporting role. Because the original taste was too intense for some people, the company delivered this one as an alternative.

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