Sad Anime Songs – The Best That Will Make You Cry

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Most Japanese songs are emotional and sad. When it comes to sad anime songs, we listen to them to get in touch with our emotions. If you are an anime fan, you are a fan of anime music as well. Most people that love watching anime love Japanese songs as part of their favorite show as well.

There are many anime songs. Some of them are fun anime songs, others are happy anime songs, but there are also those sad anime songs.

When you are stricken with sadness because you were dumped by your significant other, or something else is the reason, try to listen to these songs that will accompany you.

Akatsuki no Kuruma – Fiction Junction Yuuka


We have to open the list of anime songs with Akatsuki No Kuruma, a song that is one of the insert songs in the anime Mobile Suit Gundam Seed. The musical piece is the band’s most popular sad song.

Lonely Feather – Haruka Chigusa

Lonely Feather Haruka Chigusa

Here is another song used as an insert song. Sung by the seiyuu Haruka Chigusa, it comes from the anime Gakuen Toshi Asterisk. It is about a student’s life in a discriminatory magic school.

Similar to other emotional songs on this list, it uses English lyrics.

Sadness and Sorrow – Naruto

4toshiromasuda naruto sadnessandsorrow

You just cannot watch anime and skip Naruto. The show is full of emo anime characters. And this song will make you feel so much emotion. Tears will swell in your eyes every time you hear.

We can all relate to the song. If you are a Naruto fan, you love this song for sure. The soundtrack was used for the first time when Haku had his childhood explained and his death.

It is a perfect example of an anime song that was used at the right time. When you hear it, memories of every Naruto death come back to you in a flash.

Ichiban no Takaramono – Angel Beats

Ichiban no Takaramono Angel Beats

For many anime fans, this song brings back memories of hanging out with friends. It talks about memories when we were young and innocent and our love of anime and manga.

The song is explained in the title. My Most Precious Treasure. The lyrics state that the memory of everyone laughing is the character’s most precious treasure. Combine that with the storyline of the anime, and you have a winner.

Lia sings this sad song majestically. When you finish watching Angel Beats, the song will make you remember the last scene between Otonashi and Kaede.

The song makes you realize that even though you are alone you should still hold hope that something good will happen. Never lose faith, that is the premise of the song. It is just too emotional at times.

Elfen Lied – Lilium


Fair warning: this anime show might make you cry for a few days. The song is so beautiful and it suits the main character so much. It is the opening song of the anime and remains one of the best anime openings you will ever hear.

The song is beautiful and sad at the same time. The lyrics are great and the anime is a life-changing experience. It makes you embrace your sorrow as strength.

Silver Sky – Nano

Silver Sky Nano

For otakus who love music, Nano rings a bell in their minds. Silver Sky is played in Arpeggio of Blue Steel – Ars Nova in the scene where Takao saves her captain from singing.

The song is in English. When we talk about sad anime songs, we have to remember that some of them are in the Japanese language, and others are in the English language. After all, it is important for people to understand them, and Japanese is not as popular as a language.

Nano and her deep voice deliver a breathtaking performance with this song.

Anatani Deawanakereba -Aimer

Anatani Deawanakereba Aimer

One of the best songs by Aimer. You definitely have to listen to it to appreciate its beauty. Sung by Aimer in 2012 it became the closing song of the anime Natsuyuku Rendezvous.

The song lyrics are touching. Combine that with Aimer’s distinctive voice, and you have a song that will bring goosebumps.

Fukai Mori – Do as Infinity

fukai mori

This song is something only a true veteran anime fan will know it. It is the closing song of the anime Inuyasha. The manga series started in 1996 and lasted until 2008.

Shirushi – LiSA


Most fans recognize LiSA by her lively, full of beats, and passionate songs. But the famous Japanese singer can also bring it when it comes to expressing sadness and grief in sad anime songs.

This song became the third ending song of the anime Sword Art Online II.

Soundscape to Ardor – Bleach


Many anime fans say this is the saddest song they have heard. You will cry almost every time you hear it. Why? Because it makes you feel torn apart. Bleach is awesome, and so is this song.

Aozora – Air


If you have watched Air, you have probably cried when Mizusu’s died. It is quite a depressing scene and makes you cry instantly. The touching song will bring tears to your eyes.

She dies at the beach soon after beginning to accept and love her aunt Haruko like a true mother. It is a great ending to her story.

Sis Puella Magica! – Puella Magi Madoka Magica


One of the reasons why fans love this song is because there is no translation. After all, we all need some mystery in our lives, right?

As you listen to the song, try to visualize the anime. It is one of the best you can watch, and the song makes it that much more special.

Fairy Tail Main Theme – Fairy Tail


When you hear the slow version of the song, you appreciate its beauty. You will instantly feel sadness. It is an absolute contrast from the normal one.

Most fans think Fairy Tail is just a funny anime. But as the story progresses, you get much more from this anime and manga. It is a show that can make you laugh at one point, and cry out loud the next one.

Orange – 7


The sad anime song comes from an anime with a devastating ending. Sung by 7!! (or Seven Oops), Orange is a filler song for the third ending of Shigatsu Kimi no Uso (translated to Your Lie in April).

Secret Base – Zone

secret base

The ending of the anime Ano Hana continues to haunt the memories of anime fans. And it is because of its scenes and the song Secret Base Kimi Ga Kureta Mono. Popularized by the band Scandal, the song is amazing.

And the song was sung for the first time by an all-girl band named Zone.

Himawari no Yakusoku – Motohira Hata

doraemon stand by me 2

Thanks to this song, the whole story of the meeting and farewell between Doraemon and Nobita in Stand by Me hit fans real hard. After hearing this song, you instantly want to rewatch Stand by Me.

Utakata Hanabi – Supercell


The band Supercell is famous for its songs. They have girly and profound lyrics. The song Utakata Hanabi became the 14th ending song for Naruto Shippuden.

It tells a story of a girl who found her first love at a fireworks festival. But as is the case in emotional anime songs, after she expresses her feelings, her love disappears the next day.

One More Time, One More Chance – Masayoshi Yamazaki


Masayoshi released the song for the first time in January 1997. And then, in 2007, the sad anime song was used as the ending song for the movie Byakusoki 5cm. It instantly gained popularity.

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