Trixie Mattel No Makeup – Drag Queen Without Makeup

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Have you ever seen what is beneath all the makeup Trixie Mattel puts on? Born Brian Michael Firkus in August 1989, Trixie is a popular drag queen, television personality, singer, songwriter, comedian, and entrepreneur. Famous for her exaggerated and high-camp style, she delivers a blend of comedy and acoustic pop in her performances.

Trixie was part of the seventh season of the drag competition, RuPaul Drag Race in 2015. She won the third season of RuPaul Drag Race All Stars in 2018.

As a popular television personality, Trixie stars in the World of Wonder web Series UNHhhh from 2016 to the present time, and also had her Viceland spin off, The Trixie & Katya Show from 2017 to 2018. Mattel is also part of the Netflix web series, I Like to Watch, airing since 2019.

Speaking about her music style, it is mostly folk and country. So far, she has released three studio albums, her debut album being Two Birds, followed by One Stone and Barbara.

She and Katya published their first book Trixie and Katya’s Guide to Modern Womanhood in 2020. It became a New York Times bestseller. Her YouTube channel focuses on beauty and music, and she has collaborated with celebrities such as Iggy Azalea, Nicole Byer, and Margaret Cho. Today, however, we will look at some Trixie Mattel’s no makeup photos.

Let’s see who is behind the drag queen mask, ok?

Trixie Cosmetics

Before we get to the man behind the mask, we have to mention Trixie has used her popularity to launch a cosmetics line. Trixie Cosmetics was born in May 2019.

The makeup brand was available at RuPaul’sDragCon in Los Angeles in May 2019. Over the years, Trixie has collaborated with many celebrities in the beauty world.

Trixie’s makeup routine has 33 steps

We will take a look at the man beneath the makeup. But do you know how hard it is to achieve the Trixie Mattel look?

Brian Michael Firkus is the man under the mask. He is from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Before becoming a drag queen, he worked at the MAC Makeup counter inside his local mall.

Makeup has always been part of his life. When he is not underneath his Trixie look, he looks like a regular guy. The drag superstar enjoys exercising and playing a wide range of instruments.

His makeup transformation is astounding. In his own words, it is a 33-step process, with the importance of highlighting the face when it comes to the signature Trixie makeup look.

Brian Firkus says, “When you look at the Trixie makeup, you see the contour, but the highlight is the part that really makes it three-dimensional”.

He talked with Vogue and walked fans through the makeup transformation. You can see it in the video. Firkus also says that a skincare routine is essential in keeping up with the drag queen look and his normal life. All that makeup takes a toll on his skin.

Trixie Mattel No Makeup Photos

Now that we saw how Michael transform into the Trixie Mattel look, let’s check some of his original photos. Let’s see some Trixie Mattel no makeup pictures.

Hanging Out With Celebrities


Trixie and Lisa Vanderpump are close friends. Lisa is a famous celebrity, owning restaurants in Beverly Hills. And as you know, Drag queens are quite popular in Los Angeles. Fans love these two, and they are even pushing for them to have their own show. Who knows, it might happen.

Out Partying


You can see Trixie, or Michael is quite close with popular celebrities. And he or she has no problem hanging out with them without the Trixie Mattel persona. Here, he is hanging out with Heather Gray and Whitney Rose.

Drag Queen Buddies


Drag queens love to hang out together. Brian is a friendly guy, and he doesn’t mind spending time with other drag queens. After all, they are all trying to make it in this world. Jasmine Masters was a popular drag queen in 2019, and even called the Queen of Meme.

Trixie Cosmetics


Here is another video of Brian transforming into the Trixie persona and makeup look. Of course, he uses the opportunity to promote his Trixie cosmetics brand.

Just A Regular Guy


We said in the beginning that when he is not using the Trixie makeup look, Brian is just a regular guy. And he wants everything else that regular guys do. Like walking around the city and exploring landmarks. Sightseeing is almost impossible when you are a famous celebrity like Trixie Mattel. But as Brian? He can walk around unnoticed.

Breaking A Sweat


We said before that Brian Firkus loves to exercise and play different instruments. He is a huge fan of working out, so it is only logical that we add a picture of him breaking a sweat.

Dog Lover


Just look at this picture. Can you imagine this guy transforming into one of the most popular drag queens in Hollywood and the United States?

It is obvious he is a big fan of dogs. But we just cannot imagine a simple guy like the one in the picture making such a big transformation. Well, the world of drag queens is quite amazing and astonishing.



Let’s finish with one of the simplest Trixie Mattel no makeup pictures. Just look at the guy in the picture. Doesn’t he look like a regular Joe? Of course. He looks so humble and down-to-earth. Definitely, not someone you would think is a drag queen, right?

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