13 Psychological Facts About Boys Parents Need to Know

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Boys can be a mystery. Parents sometimes have trouble understanding them. And the more you understand them and try to meet their needs, the better you will be. What are some of the psychological facts about boys?

Psychology is a complicated matter. But the more you understand it, the easier it will be for you to fit into the world.

Today, we will look at some interesting psychological facts about boys. Let’s help people understand the behavior of boys.

Boys are heuristic learners

Boys often learn their lessons from experience. They do not learn as much from being told something. This makes parenting challenging since you cannot always provide the experience they need. And even more challenging if you do not like risking yourself.

But the biggest challenge is being a supportive person when most of their experience lessons bring tears, bruises, blood, and hardship.

Their brain is wired differently

When you compare the brain of boys and girls, you see they are wired differently. In the first five years, girls develop their fine motor skills, verbal skills, and social skills. On the other hand, boys develop gross motor skills, spatial skills, and visual skills.

It is all linked to their role in the family since ancient times. Boys develop handy hunting skills. That is why they sometimes start school with a distinct disadvantage when it comes to learning.

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Boys mature differently

We know this already. Almost every adult woman and the man knows is that men mature slower. But let’s put a different term, “differently”.

Boys and girls have a maturity gap between 12 months and two years, and that gap is consistent all the way to adulthood. This maturity gap is even evident when kids finish school and move into college, university studies, and eventually the workplace.

When boys try to attract attention, they keep their thumbs on the belt

This psychological trait starts at a young age and continues to adulthood. It is one of the cool interesting psychology facts. Why do boys and men do it?

Well, they usually do it to attract the attention of a girl. When they want to do that, they involuntary take a pose demonstrating they are a courageous and strong person. Usually, they hold their thumbs hooked to the belt.

This psychological trait derives from ancient times as well. At the time, there were no pants or belts. But males tried to impress females by pointedly gesturing to their crotch. Because nowadays such a gesture would be indecent, we have modified it.

Loyalty is very important

Looking at psychological facts about boys, we have to mention one of the most important personality traits for them. That is loyalty. This personality trait is a high driver for boys. Their loyalty to friends, family, and everyone else is a key driver. Understanding his loyalty will help you understand the male psyche.

Usually, boys are influenced by their peers. This can sometimes hold them back. Only brave boys get too far ahead of the pack.

This is why boys often get into trouble. Loyalty to others can get them into problems. Even more when they end up in bad company. Insult any of his friends or relatives and you are in for a fight.

Boys are visual learners

We talked about how boys learn before. They learn from experience, but they also love learning in a visual way. When you try to motivate your son and help him learn, try linking learning to his interest.

For example, if they play a musical instrument, use music as a way for learning. Reading is a problem for boys, so use their interests in a visual way to encourage and speed up learning.

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Boys need their space and distance

Boys can spend time alone. Even more, they love it. They are happy to be alone. Unlike women and girls, they need more space and distance.

You know the saying, “let him leave and if he comes back he loves you”. Well, it is deeply embedded into the male brain.

Boys do not like comparisons

One of the biggest mistakes parents make is comparing children. Boys hate comparisons. They do not love it when their parents do it. And they do not love it when girls do it. Do not ever try to compare boys to other males.

Boys forge friendships through their interests

Studies show that friendship between men is mainly based on common interests. For example, basketball or any other sport. Or music, or even some games.

Boys and men prefer to watch matches of their favorite team with friends. And that is how they hang out.

Female friendship, on the other hand, is based on emotions and support.

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Benefit from silence

We said before boys need their alone time. They do not have trouble staying alone. Boys benefit from silence. They do not have the same innate tendency for reflection.

Yes, men of all ages can reflect on their behavior. But they do that when they are alone and in a quiet place. They need quiet time to let their thoughts wander around inside their head.

Boys do their best thinking on their own, often when they are alone in their “caves”.

They want to blend in

Boys are group-oriented people. They want to fit in. This is why they play group games and form structured friendship groups.

As we said before, sometimes the group can hold them back. But boys rarely want to stand out from the crowd. With boys, they would rather be with the wrong friends than without friends.

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Approval is everything

If you want to work successfully with boys, you have to look at approval as a powerful tool. If boys feel you like them and they see your approval, they will walk over broken glass. There is not anything a man wouldn’t do for someone who gives them approval and support.

And in school, boys would do better with a teacher that likes them. If they sense the teacher doesn’t like them, they would simply close down on learning.

That is why it is important to nurture a relationship with boys and show them support, approval, and love.

Eating because of women

This is another of those cool facts and interesting psychology about boys and men. They eat twice as much when they are with women.

A study at the Cornell University showed that men eat 93% more pizza when they are in the company of women. And that is because they want to impress women. It might seem silly, weird, cool, or just idiotic, but it is in their nature. Instincts!

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