16 Psychological Facts About Crushes – Is It Love Or A Crush?

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So, you have a crush on someone. Do you know what happens in your body when you have a crush on someone? Or how to act when people have crush on you? Having a crush is an emotional and fun experience. Today, we will look at some interesting psychological facts about crushes. They will help us understand what happens in our body easier.

To have a crush on someone is to be infatuated with someone briefly. Yes, crushes do not last that long. Sometimes, we misinterpret these feelings for love. Why? Because crushes bring a strong feeling, making us fantasize about a romantic relationship with the person.

And it is hard to function properly. For example, your eyes are drawn to their face, you laugh at the same things, you try to stand next to him/her, you are happy when he/she is around, and so on.

Having a crush on someone can result in a long-term relationship. But you have to be courageous and express your feelings. And of course, hope the other side has feelings for you as well.

Some studies show that having a crush is closely linked to “wanting something you cannot have”. What does psychology say about crushes? We try and explain it all.

The First Crush

Can you remember when did you have feelings for someone for the first time? Well, according to psychology, we experience our first crush at the age between 5 and 6 years.

Everything starts in kindergarten. Yes, some people experience it later in life. But it is a definite psychological fact that crushes start at a very young age.

Most of us experience our first crush before our teenage years.

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Putting People On A Pedestal

Anyone who has ever gone through it, knows it. When we have a romantic crush on someone, we see them as perfect people. You do not see any flaws, ugliness, or anything wrong with them. They are simply perfect.

But that is not true. Sadly, we often find out too late. Research shows that in your eyes, your teenage crush looks 20% more attractive.

Lasts Only 4 Months

The main difference between love and crush is longevity. Your obsession with someone lasts only 4 months. That is the maximum time frame for crushes.

And usually, if there are no feelings on the other side, your story will end abruptly. As time passes, your feelings will start to fade. And if they do not, that means you are in a true love relationship.

Not Everyone Makes It To The Finish Line

We said before, just a few obsessions turn into love and romantic relationship. Psychology says that only 1% pass the crushes love phase and end up in a relationship.

So, if you somehow managed to turn your crush into a loving relationship, good for you. If not, do not beat yourself down. You are not alone.

Imitating Our Crush

Psychology is an interesting thing. It teaches us so many different aspects of life. And human behavior and human psychology are just amazing. Sometimes, we are not even aware of what we do or why we do something.

This applies to crushes, for example. When we have a crush on someone, we do everything they do. We love everything about that person, including her unique expressions. And we soon start using it in our communication.

Some people even use the catchphrase of their crush.

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Like For A Like

Here are some cool psychology facts. Sometimes, we form crushes because someone told us that a person has feelings for us. When someone likes you, your brain starts working into trying to find a way to like him/her back.

Suddenly, when you hear someone likes you, you start having feelings. You feel attracted to them.

Imagination Sweeter Than Reality

If you read poems of the early Renaissance period, especially those by Italian poets, you will notice they talk about platonic love. Well, turns out, psychology says platonic feelings are better than real ones.

For example, imagining your crush or having an imaginary conversation with him/her is better and sweeter than actually speaking to your crush.

This might be because a lot of people are shy and do not possess the courage to actually talk to someone they love.

The Eyes, They Never Lie

One of the more memorable quotes in movies is “The Eyes, Chico, they never lie”. Well, turns out, it is true. Studies show that looking into the eyes of someone you have a crush will tell you if they love you back.

When someone likes you, simply looking at them will make their pupils dilate. Try it, and you will have a surefire sign whether your crush likes you.

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No Lies

When you like or love someone, it makes it harder to lie. People that lie in relationships have no feelings. But when it comes to your crush, when you are in her/his environment, it makes you nervous. So, it is harder to lie. You just say something without thinking it.

Dreaming About Your Crush

We said before that imagination is sometimes better than reality. And that is probably the reason more than 90% of people start making up scenarios in their heads when they have a crush on someone.

The obsession is real.

Love Is In The Air

Here is another popular quote, right out of a song. Love is definitely in the air. This might sound crazy to you, but it is true.

When we are in love, we secrete pheromones that allow us to subconsciously communicate with other people.

Crush = Addiction

Speaking about psychological facts about crushes, we know that it is an addiction. It is similar to being addicted to drugs. You need a dose of your crush.

And that is all because of oxytocin, a hormone that brings people together. And when you lack this hormone, your brain develops a feeling similar to a drug withdrawal. That is also one of the reasons why we have a hard time moving forward after a breakup. Science man! It is crazy.

Crush Makes You Feel Complete

Have you ever felt like someone completes you? Like that person is a piece of the mosaic in your life?

Well, psychology facts say that having a crush makes you feel confident and complete inside.

Everything seems under control in your life. You have a clearer picture. And you are emotionally and mentally stronger.

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Do You Miss Her/Him?

You cannot lie to your subconscious mind and subconscious brain. If you try to tell yourself you do not miss your crush, it will make you miss her/him even more.

We all crave things we do not have and cannot have. So, our brain has a tricky way to tell it. Call it reverse psychology or anything, but it is what it is.

Feeling Lost

On the other hand, sometimes, when you have a crush on someone, you feel lost. But that happens when you are close to your crush. How to act? What to do? What to say? Those are all things that go through our minds.

And we rarely have the answers to them. We feel lost for words.

Long-Lasting Memories

No matter how old you get, you will always have memories of your crush. And that is because these crush stories remain in your subconscious mind for a long time.

You might have forgotten all about her/him, but your brain is there to remind you. All it takes is a single idea, scenario, or action that relates to your old crush.

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