Psychological Facts About Sex – Combining Science And Pleasure

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Some call it sex. Others call it banging. Some go with culturally appropriate sexual intercourse. And some say nookie. But whatever you call it, sex is an enjoyable element in our life. How much do you know about sex? And we are not talking about the physical aspect of it. No, we are talking about psychological facts about sex.

Do you know the psychology behind sex? There is more than tangling and rocking the bed. Sex is more than just putting the male genitalia inside the female genitalia.

Today, we will talk about sex psychology. We want to uncover a bit more about sexual intercourse, not just the physical part of it.

Here are some sex facts for you.

Men Want Women To Achieve Orgasm

Contrary to popular meaning, men actually want women to orgasm. Even more, biologically speaking, they are wired to pay attention to their partner during intercourse.

When a woman is not responsive or engaged during sex, it signals problems. This can arouse suspicion in the loyalty of your woman. After all, the best way to identify female infidelity is to check her sexual arousal in the bedroom.

And even in short-term relationships, men are motivated to satisfy their partners. In this case, however, it has nothing to do with fidelity. Instead, it has everything to do with reputation. Since ancient times, men have had to be good lovers in bed.

If not, everybody in the community would find out about it. So that is why men have always tried to make women feel good in bed.


There Is Pressure For Young Men To Have Sex

Even if they do not want to, young men feel pressured to have sex quickly. Some studies even say women are the ones pushing for intercourse.

A recent study showed that 21% of men between 15 to 20 years have felt pressure from their female partner to go further sexually. More than half of them said they felt relieved when a female partner wanted to wait for sex.

Spark? What Spark?

You might think you can make a woman or a man go to bed with you. But the reality is different. It takes less than a second to figure out if there’s a sexual desire between two people. That is all it takes for our subconscious brain to decide whether a partner is hot or not.

Our brain and subconscious mind know who we desire and when we desire before we even know it. And it takes even less than that to identify someone as unattractive.

Men Are Bigger Liars

The common conception is that women try to deceive men by looking attractive. Women use makeup, padded bras, and hair extensions. But that is nothing compared to what men do. When it comes to verbal lies, men show much less electrical strain in their voices when fibbing. That makes their lies sound more convincing.

This helps men easily fake an interest in a girl only to get inside her pants. Talk about despicable and evil, right?

Sex As A Stress Reliever

This is a known fact. Many people believe in it, and they say that sex helps them cope with awful things in life.

Sexual activity may cut your stress. Even studies prove it. One study published in the journal Biological Perspective asked participants to take part in a stressful activity.

Those who had intercourse before the stressful task had lower levels of stress and lower levels of blood pressure. Masturbation doesn’t help, sadly.


Great Sex Takes Work

How do you feel about your sexual function in the bedroom? Do you think you are a good lover? Well, let’s try and talk about some myths.

For starters, there is no honeymoon phase. In fact, sexual satisfaction begins to decrease after two to three years. So no, the honeymoon phase doesn’t last forever.

The key to maintaining a great sexual relationship is recognizing it takes work and effort. You need to put some effort into making sure you and your partner enjoy pleasurable intercourse. Great sex is not automatically supposed to happen.

Less Sex = More Work

This is one of the strange but true psychological facts about sex. People with a less-than-robust sex life tend to work more. Why? Because they want to compensate for their lack of fulfillment in the bedroom with success at the office.

And it applies to both men and women. A study by the University of Gottingen in Germany showed that one-third of men and women who have sex once a week plunge themselves into their work.

The worst part is that it is a vicious cycle. More work = more stress = less sex.

Sex Leads To Better Work Performance

Well, not literally, but the bedroom can prepare you for the boardroom. According to some studies, when you have sex the evening before a big event at work, you will be more engaged.

And generally speaking, more sex makes you more engaged in your job and work.

Sex Improves Creativity

Here is another way how sex improves your personality and behavior. Having sex improves creativity. If you have a presentation at work or school, get in the bedroom before. The answer truly lies in between the sheets.

The Magic Number

How long does great sex last? What is the desired optimum time for awesome sex? Well, this might come as a surprise, but it is not a marathon. It is not a quickie either.

According to a study, the desired optimum time for penetrative sexual pleasure is between 7 and 13 minutes.


Masturbation For Discovering Your True Self

Yes, it is great to have sex with other partners. But not to knock them, it is masturbation that helps you discover what exactly turns you on.

For women, masturbation is more emotional. Men use it more as a way to relieve themselves. But self-exploration through masturbation can make the sexual experience even more enjoyable afterward.

Speaking of self-love, masturbation is actually a great way to get a confidence lift. Studies show that masturbation can encourage a more positive self-image.

You Cannot Lie To Your Sex Partner

You might tell a bunch of lies to get your partner in bed. But if you are sexually attracted to someone, it is much more difficult to lie to them.

There is a reason why we cannot lie in the bedroom.

Migraine Can Be A Good Thing?

Fun psychology fact: women suffering from migraines have a higher sex drive. There is no explanation for why it is that. But studies have found a connection between constant headaches and higher sexual arousal.

There is at least one good thing about migraines.

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