Top 10 Psychology Facts About Personality – What Makes Us Act The Way We Do?

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What influences our personality? How our personality influences our actions? Have you ever thought about it? Well, today, we will talk about some psychological facts about personality.

We will try to discover how our personality affects our actions and communication. And exactly what influences our personality.

Can we change our personalities? Do people mature? How do they mature? What events change their personality?
Personality and human behavior is a fascinating subject. In the last couple of years, it is one of the more popular psychology topics.

And all of that personality psychology research has brought us to this point. Let’s talk about interesting psychology about human behavior.

Your Birth Order

There are many ways your birth date influences your behavior and human nature. For example, a lot of people are firm believers in the Zodiac. But the birth order also influences you.

For example, firstborn kids are usually responsible and bossy. Last-born kids, on the other hand, are impulsive and irresponsible.

At the same time, birth order influences your choice of friends and intimate lovers. It is a fun thing to observe. But look at your company. According to psychology, firstborns tend to socialize with other firstborns and so on.

Personality Is Relatively Stable

We often say that people change and mature. But the reality is different. Your personality remains relatively stable for most of your life.

What changes are some elements of it? But the main elements of human behavior remain stable throughout life.
There are a few aspects that change. Those are anxiety, friendliness, and eagerness for experiences. As you grow, you change the roles and issues that matter the most to you. It is not your social personality that changes. Your habits change, as well as your responsibilities and circumstances.

For example, throughout life, extraversion and neuroticism tend to drop. On the other hand, conscientiousness and agreeableness increase. Openness peaks during young adulthood, but then drops as you move past your adulthood.


Social Media and Personality Change

How much do you use social media? What do you think of people’s online identities? Have you noticed that most people select the information that they wish to expose?

And yes, while there are some people that try to hide their personalities on social media, the majority of us show the real us.

Videos like Instagram vs. Reality are fun, but studies show that social media is proficient at conveying our genuine personalities.

Helpful People Have More Sex

Here is a psychological fact that will make some people happy. Those who help others have more sex. According to psychology, altruistic people have more sexual partners and more frequent sex.

Probably being nice to other people is the ultimate aphrodisiac. And for some reason, we continue to love bad boys and bad girls. But that is mostly during the teenage years.

Your Personality Is In The Air

Just take a look at this interesting personality theory. People can actually smell your behavior and human nature. They can guess it by smelling your T-shirt.

In one study, researchers found out people can identify three personality traits simply by sniffing clothes. Those traits are dominance, extraversion, and neuroticism. And we wonder why dogs sniff around.


Pets And Personality Type

Are you a cat person or a dog person? Your response to this question reveals so much information about you.
For example, one study showed the relation between them. In the study, more than 4,500 people answered whether they prefer dogs or cats.

And the results of this personality test showed that dog people tend to be extroverted and want to please other people. On the other hand, cat people are introverts, and inquisitive.

Optimists Have A Higher Quality Of Life

Turns out, it is good to look on the bright side of life. According to psychology studies, optimists report a higher quality of life.

The author of the study says that “wellness of being is not just physical, but attitudinal”. They followed more than 400 people for 30 years. During the study, they assessed their personality, their physical functioning, and their mental functioning.

And at the end, it showed that how you perceive what goes on around you impacts your longevity and quality of life.


Movement Impacts Behavior

Did you know that people can read your personality judging your movement? How you move provides a unique insight into your behavior.

For example, people who move the same way are able to interact more effectively and display better collective behavior.

Narcissist People Like Bitter Foods

We said it before, our personality impacts so many things in our life. Turns out, it affects our food choices as well.

With that in mind, having a preference for bitter tastes is linked to narcissism, psychopathy, and everyday sadism.

And on the other side of the spectrum, people who do not like bitter tastes are more agreeable.

Age Makes Us Nicer

Here are more psychological facts about personality. People get nicer as they age. And that is contrary to the stereotype of a grumpy senior. Over the years, we grow into less neurotic, more agreeable, and more conscientious people.


How To Use Personality Traits In Real Life

When it comes to personality and human behavior, you can look at them in different ways. One way to look at a personality trait is you can manipulate social psychology to your benefit. Here are some tricks you can use to find out more about someone’s personality.

  • Wait after someone answers a question and maintain eye contact, they will continue talking and say more things
  • If you want to convince someone into something, make sure he/she sits and you are standing. This posture organization will make them believe you sooner
  • To make sure you look confident, walk into a room feeling and assuming everyone already likes you
  • If you want to try and make someone like you, refer to people you have just met by their name, as referring to someone by his/her name establishes a sense of trust and friendship
  • If you want to know if someone likes you, look at his/her eyes. People start blinking more than usual during a conversation with someone they like
  • To establish a better relationship with an alpha person, always offer them a choice, not a command. You trick them into thinking they have control. For example, ask them from what mug they want to drink their coffee from
  • To win an argument, never shout. Stay calm and reply in silence, that will make your opponent more nervous

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