17 Psychological Facts About Girls – What Do Women Think About?

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Nobody understands women. We can agree on that. Even some women do not understand women. But hey, psychology at least tries to do something about it. Looking at psychological facts about girls, you might understand some aspects of their personality.

And frankly, it is not an easy task. When you look at girls, they are more emotional than boys, and sometimes they are not what they pretend to be. Girls excel at multitasking but do not enjoy serious people. The gender differences are real.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at few interesting psychology facts about girls. Fair warning: not all of them are universal. Some work for certain girls, others do not.

They Love To Feel Special

We can definitely say this psychological fact works for any girl and women of all ages. Girls want to feel special. And it is your job to make them feel that way.

How can you do it? Well, simply, by giving them more preference.

Girls Are Talkative

When it comes to communication, girls are more talkative than boys. Now, some girls do not talk as much. But generally speaking, women can out-talk any man in their sleep.

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Love To Give Advice

If you want to make your girl feel special, ask her for a piece of advice. Girls love giving advice to people. Whenever someone asks them for their opinion and advice, they love to talk. It is a great conversation starter.

Do Not Talk Smack About Their Favorite Person

This a true sign of loyalty, respect, and blind love for someone. You cannot talk anything bad about their favorite person. They do not want to hear a word about it. It is better that you speak only positively and keep the negative things to yourself.

Silence As Their Weapon

Some studies show that two-thirds of women use silence to express their pain. What does it mean for you? Well, it means that if you hurt her, she will ignore you. She chooses silence over violence.

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They Cannot Stand Lying

If you ever try to lie to a girl, you are toasted. That is game over for you. Girls do not like lying at all. And that applies even more in a romantic relationship.

You might get away with a lie once or twice, but if you do it constantly, say goodbye to that girl. They know you lie to them even the first time, but they might let it slide.

Great At Reading Emotions

Here is a fun psychological fact for you. Females can understand and read emotions much better than men. Yet, even with their skills, they are emotionally vulnerable.

Talk about irony, right?

They Do Not Stand Seriousness

How can you win over a girl? Well, if you make her laugh. Girls do not love boys who are too serious. If you become serious while talking to girls, that is it. Game over for you.

Try to be as funny and humorous as possible. Date with girls is not the place for talking about serious matters like politics, economy, law, jobs, and so on.

The Song Tells It All

If you want to know more about some girl, ask her about her favorite song. That will reveal more about her personality and feelings than her lips ever will.

It is all about finding a subtle way to understand more about their body language and feelings with women.

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They Cry Inside

Most girls will not let their emotions overcome them in front of you or other people. That makes them look vulnerable.

Instead, they will keep their emotions to themselves. And if they look sad but they do not cry, that means they cry in the heart. And they will let their emotions go later on.

Trust, Not Complaining

A lot of men hate when women tell them their struggles, challenges, and problems. But you should think of it differently.

When a woman shares her problems with a male person, she is not doing it to complain. Instead, it is a sign of trust in him.

Sensitive And Sentimental

Let’s talk about these two terms. They bring another batch of amazing facts about the female brain. Women are very sensitive. And when a man says something extremely sentimental to them, they do not forget him throughout his life.

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Do Not Talk Smack About Their Favorite Person

This a true sign of loyalty, respect, and blind love for someone. You cannot talk anything bad about their favorite person. They do not want to hear a word about it. It is better that you speak only positively and keep the negative things to yourself.

Love To Call Them By Their Name

There is something about calling a girl by her name. They love it so much. This is why they hate it when you somehow misspell or mispronounce their name. Do not even think about mistaking their name for another girl.

Cooking For A Special Person

If you want to know whether a woman thinks you are special or not, ask her to cook something for you. And if she accepts it, you know you have a special place in her heart.

Girls love cooking for special people. And they will go above and beyond to make the dish look amazing.


If you think women do not fantasize and daydream, think again. Most girls daydream about their crush. But why you do not find out? Because they never tell it. They do not share this type of information with others.

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Their Love Is On Their Mind

We often say boys cannot stop thinking about something they love. But girls are not different in that regard. They think every minute of what they love.

You Cannot Feel Like A Girl

Try to accept this and embrace the fact. You cannot know how a girl feels. She might not know how she feels as well.

Never try to tell her “I know how you feel”. Instead, ask her directly. Do not try to feel her feelings, especially when she is angry.

Never Tell She Is Useless

If there is one thing that will get your woman angry, it is telling her she is of no use. You cannot tell that to her ever. Girls find it bad when someone tells them they are useless. They might feel like that for a minute or two, and they will make it their life journey to show you they are not.

But the sad part is you will not be with them on that journey.

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