10 Amazing Photos of Beautiful Places Around the World

Wherever part of the world you may go, there will always be scenic places that will make you astonished. In fact, a number of photographers have taken some pictures of these amazing places as remembrances. In this regard, here are the 10 stunning photos of beautiful places the world has to offer:

10. Castle Combe Village

Castle Combe Village

This extremely beautiful place is located in Wiltshire, England. The similar unique design of houses in this village is an added attraction that you will surely notice. What’s more is that such village is branded as “the prettiest village in England”.

9. The Island of Maldives

The Island of Maldives

When it comes to spectacular beaches and abundant marine life, the Island of Maldives will certainly top the list. The crystal clear bluish water of the sea is a thing that you shouldn’t ignore. One famous and first-class resort that you can visit here is the relaxing Taj Exotica Resort and Spa.

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8. Sandstone Cliffs

Sandstone Cliffs

Visiting Utah in the United States will never be complete without visiting the Zion National Park. In this particular park, you can see the amazing sandstone cliffs that have variant colors like red, pink, and cream. This scenery seems to be a painting of a famous artist. The cliffs also serve as the evidence that there were important geologic happenings here in the past.

7. Baby Sculpture in Columbia

Baby Sculpture in Columbia

When you visit Columbia, you will definitely see this amazing sculpture of a baby. This can be seen along the road between Medellin and Santo Domingo Savio. Until now, the artist who made this beautiful piece of art is still unknown.

6. Abbotsford


This is actually a beautiful castle-like house that is filled with history. Sir Walter Scott, who happened to be a famous Scottish poet and novelist, is said to be the owner of this historical house. It’s exactly located in the southern part of Scotland, which is very near to Melrose.

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