10 Amazing Underwater Hotels Ever Constructed

All over the world, there are lots of beautiful, amazing hotels that can be found on land. These hotels come with various differences such as in facilities, designs, accommodations and the like. But the big question is, do you know that there are a number of underwater hotels worldwide? Yes, you read it right. 10 of these amazing underwater hotels are the following:

10. WebUrbanist Hotel

WebUrbanist Hotel

Great sub-sea accommodation without putting a hole in your pocket can be experienced with the underwater hotel known as WebUrbanist Hotel. The famous architect who was the brain of the creation of this hotel is none other than Bruce Jones.

9. Jules’ Undersea Lodge

Jules’ Undersea Lodge

This hotel accommodation was named after the famous maritime author named Jules. Sea life lovers would surely love staying in this hotel. It was established way back in the year 1970. This is located at exactly 20 feet under the water.

8. The Manta Resort

Jules’ Undersea Lodge

This African underwater hotel can offer various visitors from all over the world with luxurious rooms. It is located at exactly 13 feet under the sea. Every night, the price for the stay in this hotel is $1000. From the bedroom, you will surely be surprised with the amazing marine life that you can see.

7. Utter Inn

Utter Inn

Luxurious honeymoon suites are offered in this amazing underwater hotel, making it a perfect hotel accommodation for honeymooners coming from all over the world. What you will even love about this hotel is the panoramic view it can offer when you are staying inside. It can be located in the beautiful country in Sweden.

6. The Poseidon Underwater Resort

The Poseidon Underwater Resort

Fiji is just a small country in Asia that is composed of breathtaking mountainous lands and amazing beaches. In this nation, there is a famous underwater hotel accommodation known as The Poseidon Underwater Resort. The accommodation rate here however, is quite expensive.

5. Apeiron Island Hotel

Apeiron Island Hotel

Whatever facilities you are looking for in a hotel can surely be found in this breathtaking underwater hotel that can be found in Dubai. This is a 7-star hotel, which is composed of 400 regular hotel rooms and 200 luxurious family rooms. Its interiors are absolutely too great to be ignored.

4. Crescent Hydropolis

Crescent Hydropolis

Royal families and famous celebrities are the common guests of this luxurious underwater hotel that can be found in Dubai. Glass cabinets placed in almost all rooms of this hotel add more beauty in this hotel.

3. Water Discus Hotel

The Manta Resort

What makes it very unique amongst other underwater hotels is its structure. This is not that big in terms of size, and it can only offer 21 luxurious rooms to the guests. It has swimming pool and lavish lobby where you can spend your vacant time. It can be located in Dubai.

2. Huvafen Fushi

Huvafen Fushi

Both the interior and exterior structures of this amazing underwater hotel are designed amazingly. Its indoor gym and spa accommodation are of top notch quality. This is why a lot of tourists are coming in this underwater hotel in Maldives over and over again.

1. The Shimao Wonderland

The Shimao Wonderland

This is known to be the most beautiful underwater hotel the world has to offer today. It is packed with a lot of high end facilities such as swimming pool, indoor gym, gaming are, and a spacious lobby. This underwater hotel is located in China.

These are the 10 amazing underwater hotels ever constructed in the world. If you extremely love rich marine life, then these are where you should stay.

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