10 Amazing Underwater Hotels Ever Constructed

All over the world, there are lots of beautiful, amazing hotels that can be found on land. These hotels come with various differences such as in facilities, designs, accommodations and the like. But the big question is, do you know that there are a number of underwater hotels worldwide? Yes, you read it right. 10 of these amazing underwater hotels are the following:

10. WebUrbanist Hotel

WebUrbanist Hotel

Great sub-sea accommodation without putting a hole in your pocket can be experienced with the underwater hotel known as WebUrbanist Hotel. The famous architect who was the brain of the creation of this hotel is none other than Bruce Jones.

9. Jules’ Undersea Lodge

Jules’ Undersea Lodge

This hotel accommodation was named after the famous maritime author named Jules. Sea life lovers would surely love staying in this hotel. It was established way back in the year 1970. This is located at exactly 20 feet under the water.

8. The Manta Resort

Jules’ Undersea Lodge

This African underwater hotel can offer various visitors from all over the world with luxurious rooms. It is located at exactly 13 feet under the sea. Every night, the price for the stay in this hotel is $1000. From the bedroom, you will surely be surprised with the amazing marine life that you can see.

7. Utter Inn

Utter Inn

Luxurious honeymoon suites are offered in this amazing underwater hotel, making it a perfect hotel accommodation for honeymooners coming from all over the world. What you will even love about this hotel is the panoramic view it can offer when you are staying inside. It can be located in the beautiful country in Sweden.

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