10 Best Destinations for Tourists in America

The United States of America have so many places and diverse cities that it becomes very difficult for me list only ten best places to tour. But based on the thousands of traveler’s votes, following is the list of the top 10 best location in United States of America to tour. These places range from beaches to national parks and also the big cities of USA.

Use the following to list to get the ideas about the best 10 tourist’s destination in your next vacation.

List of top popular travel destinations in USA:

10. Las Vegas

Las Vegas

The city of Las Vegas or simply Vegas is the one of the famous city of US. It is the most populated city of the state Nevada. There are numerous places to visit in Las Vegas like the world’s famous casino; Golden Nugget, Casino Royale and the Gamblers General store. Moreover, Paris Las Vegas, Atomic Testing Museum, jumping fountain and many other places are worth watching in Las Vegas.

9. New Orleans

New Orleans

New Orleans is well-known for its European Culture. The places to visit in New Orleans are French Quarter, Audubon Zoo, Jackson Square, City Park and Aquarium of the Americans. But watch out at Night, as the crime rate of the city is quite high.

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8. Florida


Florida is known for its beaches, Disney world and the Latino culture. Florida is also called the ‘Sunshine State’ it is one of the most popular city of USA. Magic Kingdom is also a place of worth watch.

7. Jackson Hole

Jackson Hole

Jackson Hole is the town in the Jackson Valley. It is the largest town of the country Teton. The beauty and the vastness of the Jackson Hole has also caught the attention of Hollywood celebs like Harrison Ford. Don’t forget to visit the famed Elk Horn Gates in the Jackson Hole.

6. Washington DC

Washington DC

It is the capital city of United States. There are miles of museums and monuments which are worth watching. Moreover, White House, National Mall, Lincoln Memorial and National Museum of Natural History are the places that are popular among the tourists.

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