10 Best Things About Alaska You Should Know

Alaska is a sparsely populated state in the United States despite the fact that it is the largest state in the country. It can be located in the northwest part of the beautiful country of Canada. It has the highest peak in North America, which is the Mount McKinley. This state has a lot of things to offer to its local and foreign visitors, of course. In this regard, here are 10 best things about Alaska:

10. It is quite far from several major cities in the United States

. Because of this, people who are living here feel safer since terrorist attacks are seldom to happen here. Terrorists might become tired in reaching this place since it is quite far. This is one reason why a number of people love to live here.

9. Alaska is the best place for hiking activities

No one can deny the fact that Alaska is a state that is composed of wide-spaced forests and mountains, and this is the top reason why many people love to do their hiking activities here. A lot of trail systems in this place can offer you breathtaking views that will surely make your hiking experience extra memorable.

8. It offers natural glacier water

When you go to a certain place in Alaska, there is no way you cannot find a glacier water that is coming from the mountainous places in the place. The best thing about it is you can directly drink it and feel refreshed. In fact, a lot of breweries are taking advantage of this glacier water that is common in the state of Alaska.

7. It is known to be the home of Santa Claus

Alaska normally has a colder weather condition, and snowing is one thing that you would love here, especially if you are a person who loves Christmas. In fact, it is considered to be the North Pole in the United States. Without a doubt, you will love visiting Santa’s Home Base here.

6. Alaska is rich in seafood

If you love eating fresh seafood, then Alaska is the state that you need to visit. Different kinds of seafood can be found in the body of water here such as lake and oceans. In fact, one primary product of this place is seafood.


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