10 Easy Make up Tips That Every Girl Should Know

Make up is not less than a blessing for the teenage girls. Make up helps the girls to find attractiveness in their own face. It also helps to modify their looks so that they will look gorgeous and stunning in the horde of people. It also helps them to appear younger by increasing the contrast between facial features and skin tone. So it is necessary for every woman to know how to use some make up so that it will help you to have self confidence among them.

Make up Tips

Here are the 10 simple tips of make -up that every teen age girl should know so that she can look hotter and beautiful in all the girls:

1. Watch your concealer

Concealer is something that allows you to have clearer skin than before. It is recommended to the teenage girls to have th3e concealer that is the 1 tome lighter than your skin tone and always use the liquid concealer to have a natural and fine look.

Tip: Never put concealer on eye lids as a base, it will cause your make-up to crumple.

2. Always go with the Light Foundation

Foundation makes your skin tone even and avoids the patches and wrinkles to appear. So if you want to get the flawless and fresh faced skin then always put the pea size liquid foundation on your skin and wipe it off from your cheeks to give it a more natural look while applying blush on the cheeks.

Tip: Use the fingertip to merge your foundation if you want a sheer coverage on your face.

3. Use the face powder to make foundation long lasting

Face powder makes your make up and foundation to last long. Use the water proof face powder that will cover all your face in a slight dust so that your foundation will not crack and lasts long.

Tip: Apply powder in the T- Zone with the dusting at everywhere else.

4. Apply Bronzer

Bronzer helps to even the skin tome by making your skin bit shiny and shimmery. Apply the bronzer to all your uncovered body parts like neck, face, chest to even out the skin tone by not appearing to be fake.

Tip: Be sure that your bronzer is of the same tone that your concealer and foundation is.

5. Apply Blush

Blush gives the natural and cute look to the girls. It is recommended to have blush for teen girls so that they will look more attractive. Apply the blush on the apple of the skin back towards the top of the ear.

Tip: Smile first while applying the blush.

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