10 Fastest Goal in FIFA World Cup History

FIFA stands for Federation Internationale de Football Association. In English, it is called International Federation of Association Football. This association is the in-charged of the competitions in football competition in the world such as beach football, futsal, and association football. One of the international football competitions governed by this particular sports organization is the World Cup, which started way back in the year 1930. There are so many excellent football players recorded in the history of FIFA World Cup. In relation to this, here are the 10 fastest goals in FIFA World Cup history:

10. Adalbert Desu, 50 seconds

Adalbert Desu, 50 seconds

He was one of the excellent football players in the national football team of Romania. His quick-fire goal happened only within 50 seconds. Isn’t that fast enough? The FIFA match happened on July 14, 1930 in the country of Uruguay. It happened between the match of Romania against Peru.

9. Florian Albert, 50 seconds

Florian Albert, 50 seconds

The match happened on June 3, 1962 during the 1962 Chile FIFA World Cup. The World Cup was held in the progressive city in Chile known as Rancagua. It happened during the match of national football team of Hungary and Bulgaria. Florian Albert was a Hungarian football player.

8. Bernard Lacombe, 37 seconds

Bernard Lacombe, 37 seconds

He used to be a member of the national football team of France, who impressed the football world of his quick-fire goal that took place in 37 seconds causing the entire Parque Municipal stadium to roar. It happened during the football match of France and Italy. It was during the FIFA World Cup that happened on June 2, 1978.

7. Arne Nyberg, 35 seconds

Arne Nyberg, 35 seconds

This football striker used to be a member of the national football team of Sweden. His quick-fire goal only happened within 35 seconds in Parc des Princes stadium in Paris, France during the 1938 FIFA World Cup. The match exactly happened on June 16, 1938. It was between Hungary and Sweden.

6. Emile Veinante, 35 seconds

Emile Veinante, 35 seconds

He’s another football player of the national football team of France that shocked the football world when he gained a goal in just 35 seconds. Aside from being an excellent player, he was also a brilliant football coach. His impressive football performance happened during the 1938 World Cup, particularly on June 5, 1938. The international tournament was hosted by the city of Colombes in France.

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