10 Interesting Facts about the Month of August

In a Georgian calendar, which is the internationally recognized calendar; August is the 8th month of a year. However, in the previous calendar before Caesar’s modification, August was the sixth month and called Sextilis. This roman word meant Sixth; which indicated the order of appearance of the month. Caesar has added two more months in the beginning of a year in 46 B.C. Eight years before Jesus Christ was born, the month Sextilis was changed in Augustus to honor the Roman Emperor Augustsus Caesar. Later on, the month’s name had been derived into August.

10. Weed Month

Don’t get high about the fact; it doesn’t literally mean a weed month in the present days. Long time ago, the time of August was called the weed month by the Anglo-Saxons of UK. They harvested weed plants by this time of the year with a very rapid growth, hence this name.

9. Best Tourism Season in UK

If you plan to visit UK, for a better experience set your timetable in August. Most of the schools remain closed and there are Summer holidays as well, the cities remain free and it’s easy to wander around. Certainly the best time to visit UK.

8. Birthstones

Peridot and Sardonyx are the birthstones for the month of August. Peridot is more of an olivine than a gemstone itself; however the quality is almost gem-like. The chemical domination inside Peridot is basically magnesium. Another birthstone is Sardonyx. It’s a stone, believed to bring happiness, confidence and optimism to anyone who wears it.

7. Birth Flowers

The birth flowers for the August people are Gladiolus and Poppy. Gladiolus is also known as sword lily, and represents calmness, integrity, infatuation and remembrance. On the other hand, poppy’s definition changes in accordance with its color. A red poppy is the sign of pleasure, while consolation comes with white poppy and yellow poppy wishes success and wealth.

6. Restriction on Men’s knitting

Men are restricted to knit on Jersey while the fishing season is on. According to the calendar, the season ranges from August to September.

5. August as a Name

Many parents actually like to name their toddler after Augustus Caesar, or maybe just the month August. August as a men’s name has secured a place in the top 1000 men’s name. For women’s name; April, Maya, June – these three are in the top 1000’s list.

4. Norwegians’ Love for August as a Name

Among the Norwegian people whose names are August, 22% of them were actually born in August. However, the rest of the people are named August without being born in August.

3. Beginning and Ending

Usually on leap years, the beginning of a month on a specific day of the weak is same for both August and February.

2. Month of Events

August is the home month of many events; few are –Romance Awareness month, Friendship day, Women’s Equality Day etc. – looks like the month is pretty blessed for people in love and friendship. Besides these events, August holds some historic events as well. For example, Thomas Alva Edison invented phonograph back on 12th August, 1877. Japan had their worst nightmare of all times, the first ever atom bomb that was used for warfare fell on Hiroshima on August 6th, 1945.

1. Zodiac Signs

The month August is the rooting month for Leo and Virgo. People from both horoscopes are full of energy and enthusiasm.


As it seems, August has a good impact on history. There had been days of sorrow and days of happiness, yet August is a spectacular month in the history.

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