10 Most Expensive Dog Breeds around the World

Dogs are considered the best pets in the world. But it is true that best things in the world don’t come in lesser price and this is the reason why dogs are also not much available in the cheap prices. They are often too expensive that you have to pay thousands or even millions of dollars to own them. Besides these, you have to pay some extra care of them while you have owned them.

But regardless of all these drawbacks, some dog lovers or breed lovers love to pay that much to own them and for them, I am having a list of top 10 most expensive dog breeds in the world that have highest average price tag in the world:

10. Akita


One of the most famous dog breeds in the world and that is the reason for their price, is the Akita that are the large breeds of dogs that are originated from the mountainous areas of Japan. These dog breeds are considered as the most powerful and self- regulating breeds that are friendly with their owners and avoid strangers. These dogs come with the short furred coats and with the average price of almost $4500.

9. Bearded Collie

Bearded Collie

Bearded Collie or Baerdie are one of the most expensive dog breeds in the world right now that comes with the price tags of almost $5,000.These dog breeds can prove to be the best campion of yours as they are considered as one of the most friendly dog breeds in the world. These dog breeds are fully covered with the hairs all around their bodies even their eyes are also crowded with the hair.

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8. Pharaoh Hound

Pharaoh Hound

These dog breeds are native to the Mediterranean nation called Malta. These dogs are often called as hunting Rabbits or rabbit dogs in the language of Maltese. These dog breeds are also known as the most expensive dog breeds in the world as they come under the price of $6,000. These dogs have excessively muscular bodies without any bulkiness and that is why they look more elegant and attractive than any other breed of dogs.

7. Tibetan Mastiff

Tibetan Mastiff

These are the ancient breeds of dogs that have been largely used as the guardian of herds, flocks, houses and also of the villages since of their production. These dog breeds have origin in the countries like Tibet, China, India and Nepal. These dogs are not suitable as the pets because of their aggressive nature and huge bodies. These breeds are available in the colors of black, tans, red and bluish- grey under the price of almost $7,000.

6. Rottweiler


Another dog breed that is costing much higher than the above dog breeds is Rottweiler. This breed is also a famous one because of their domestic nature but these are also used as rescue and search dogs. These dogs are having so much assured and stable appearance and these dogs cost almost $7,500.

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