10 Most Famous & Important Rivers of India

It is said that “Rivers are arteries of our Planet”. This is true because the rivers play a very important role in sustaining the life on this planet. The slow and steady flow of clean, soft water is very necessary to maintain the ecosystem and for the survival of billions of people on Earth. Likewise, people of India are also affected by the rivers as many of them worship under the names of rivers.

There are numerous rivers present in India but some are very famous due its importance and sacredness. So check the top 10 famous rivers of India below:

10. Tapti

It is a river that is located in the Central India. It is also known as the Tapti River and is considered to be the daughter of Surya, the Sun God. This river has a great importance for Indians as the regions that are benefited by these rivers are Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra. It is about 724 km in length and originates from Bettul and ends in Arabian Sea.

9. Kaveri

It is a large Indian river and originates from the Hills of Coorg and flows to Karnataka. Tamil Nadu is also benefited by this river. It is an important river for Indians and Hindus and it is named after Kavera-muni whose daughter dissolved into the river and is known to wash the sins of the people. This river has the total length of 260 km and ends in the Bay of Bengal.

8. Mahanadi

It is the major river that is located in the east Central India. It is an important river that runs through Jharkhand, Chhattisgarh and Odisha and also ends in the Bay of Bengal. This river is originated from the area of Amarkantak Plateau and covers almost 1, 41,600 Square Km of the land.

7. Yamuna

It is the largest river of Ganga in Northern India. The river covers almost all the areas of Haryana, Delhi and UP. It is originated from the Garhwall in Yamunotri and also ends in the Bay of Bengal. The length of this river is about 1211 km and covers 3, 59,000 Square Km ofthe area of land. It is regarded as the holy river as it is said that the Lord Krishna played near this river.

6. Krishna

It is the one of the cleanest river of India. It is also known as the Krishnaveni River that irrigates the lands of Maharashtra, Karnataka, Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. The water of this river is pure and is considered that the water of this river enriches the soil of South India. This river ends in the Bay of Bengal.

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