10 Most Famous Mountain Peaks in India

When it comes to the gifts of nature, India is definitely one of countries that are extremely abundant of these. These gifts of nature are the ultimate reasons why India is thriving in the tourism industry. In other words, millions of local and foreign visitors are coming just to see these amazing sights in person. Some of these gifts of nature are the towering mountain peaks. In relation to this, here are the 10 most famous mountain peaks standing in the beautiful land of India:

10. Abi Gamin

Abi Gamin

This is a mountain peak that is exactly located in Chamoli district in the state of Uttarakhand. It’s also called Ibi Gamin. It is 2 kilometers away from the northeast part of Kamet. It’s actually on the boarder line of Tibet and India. When it comes to height, it measures 7,355 meters tall.

9. Ghent Kangri

Ghent Kangri

This famous mountain peak is 7,401 meters in height. Its location is in the west part of Siachen Glacier. This mountain peak is also called Mount Ghent and Ghaint I. An Austrian mountain climber was the one who firstly climbed this very high mountain peak. His name was Wolfgang Axt.

8. Saser Kangri IV

Saser Kangri IV

This mountain peak is actually the smallest one among the 4 peaks of Saser Kangri massif. It belongs to the Saser Muztagh Range, which is a Karakoram Range’s sub-range. It is perfectly located between the two northernmost Indian states – Jammu and Kashmir.

7. Saser Kangri III

Saser Kangri III

Such famous mountain peak has 7,495 meters of elevation. It is the third part of Saser Kangri massif. Its great popularity can be confirmed by its ranking as highest mountain peaks the world has to offer, which is in the 51st place.

6. Saser Kangri II

Saser Kangri II

Among the highest mountain peaks in the world, Saser Kangri II, which is the second part of Saser Kangri massif, acquires the 49th place. It has 2 different elevations. Its eastern elevation measures 7,518 meters, while its western elevation measures 7,500 meters.

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