10 Most Fuel Efficient Cars in India 2015

India is undeniably a progressive country, which is why more and more Indians are having enough finances that they can use in buying cars. These days, there are lots of brands and models of cars available in India. However, a lot of Indians want to have fuel efficient cars. In this regard, here are the 10 most fuel efficient cars in India this 2015:

10. Tata Indica CR4

Tata Indica CR4

Due to its impressive fuel efficiency, a lot of fleet operators and private-vehicle owners consider Tata Indica CR4 as their top choice for car. Its engine can produce 70bhp as well as 14.28kgm of maximum torque. Its fuel-efficiency is around 25kpl.

9. Tata Indigo eCS

Tata Indigo eCS

A four-cylinder diesel engine (1396cc) is the one that powered the Tata Indigo eCS. This engine is also the main reason why this car model is extremely fuel-efficient. Moreover, its engine can produce 14.2kgm of torque and 69bhp. Its level of fuel-efficiency is around 25kpl.

8. Ford Fiesta Diesel

Ford Fiesta Diesel

This car model made by Ford is installed with 1.5-litre DuraTorq motor that can churn up 90bhp. Its aero efficiency and enhanced drivetrain features are making Ford Fiesta Diesel worth-investing. Its fuel efficiency level reaches 25.01kpl these days.

7. Maruti Swift Diesel

Maruti Swift Diesel

This car model was released way back on October 2014. Its 1.3-litre diesel motor is capable enough in making 19.37kgm of torque and 74bhp. Compared to its 22.9 kpl fuel-efficiency rating, Maruti Swift Diesel currently reaches the 25.2kpl level of efficiency.

6. Chevrolet Beat Diesel

Chevrolet Beat Diesel

1.0XSDE Smartechdiesel three-cylinder engine is installed in Chevrolet Beat Diesel, and this is the main reason why this car can be very fuel-efficient. The fuel-efficiency rating of this car is around 25.44kpl. It may have just a small motor, but it doesn’t mean that it cannot cope with the driving experience you always wanted.

5. Honda Amaze Diesel

Honda Amaze Diesel

This car has the Honda’s newly-developed 1.5-litre i-DTEC diesel engine, which is positioned under its hood. It is actually India’s first time to have this diesel engine. At 3,600rpm, the engine can be able to make 98.6bhp. Its fuel efficiency reaches to 25.8kpl.

4. Honda City Diesel

Honda City Diesel

This is the best car model of the Japanese carmaker known as Honda, as far as fuel-efficiency is concerned. 26kpl will be the level of fuel-efficiency of Honda City Diesel, which is quite close to Maruti Ciaz Diesel. Its diesel engine can produce 98.6bhp in 3,600rpm.

3. Maruti Ciaz Diesel

Maruti Ciaz Diesel

Its 1.3 liter fiat-sourced engine is the main reason why this car is fuel-efficient. 26.3kpl will be the level of its fuel-efficiency. Though that there is a big possibility that you will not be impressed by its power outputs, it’s still be the better choice for you since its efficiency is enhanced.

2. Maruti Swift Dzire Diesel

Maruti Swift Dzire Diesel

Last February, the Maruti Swift Dzire Diesel was introduced in the market. The Dzire went through some enhancements on its outside appearance as well as its features. Its ECU has been tweaked and its diesel motor is made capable of delivering 26.59kpl compared to the previous 23.4 kpl, making this car to be highly fuel-efficient.

1. Maruti Celerio Diesel

Maruti Celerio Diesel

This is the number car in India this 2015, as far as fuel-efficiency is concerned. It is manufactured by Maruti Suzuki. It is capable enough in saving much fuel because of its smaller and lightweight engine. Its fuel-efficiency is around 27.62kpl.

These are the 10 most fuel-efficient cars in India this 2015. Without a doubt, Indian people love driving these cars very much for they can save a lot of money because of their extreme fuel-efficiency.

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