10 Most Popular Stairways Around the World

The world is greatly full of beautiful, majestic architectural staircases and these flights of steps from round the globe will make you save a breath for. Each staircase has some historical tale associated with it, which is even fantasizing then the beauty.

So, without wasting the time, take a look at these 10 fantastic stairways that never fail to strike humanity with awe.

10. Tiger Cave Temple, Thailand

Tiger Cave Temple, Thailand

A temple dedicated to Buddha, the Tiger Cave in Krabi, Thailand has a total of 1237 steps, some of which are greater that a foot in height. Two short stairways merge to form a staircase that leads to a magnificent and glorious statue of Buddha. The idol scales 278 meters in height and is built atop the 600 meters high temple. Another stairway with 184 steps ends in the limestone cave at the foothills, where the monks reside.

9. Schlossberg Stairs, Graz, Austria

Schlossberg Stairs, Graz, Austria

In the Austrian town of Graz, lies a clock tower called the Schlossberg clock tower, which is visible from everywhere in the city. From atop this famous tower all parts of Graz and its nearby surroundings can be seen. The view is breathtaking, and to be capable of appreciating such beauty one needs to climb up the Schlossberg stairs. The staircase has a total of 260 steps that are carved out in the rock face of the Schlossberg hill.

8. Bahaí Gardens, Haifa, Israel

Bahaí Gardens, Haifa, Israel

The Bahaí gardens in Haifa, in Israel, are extremely impressive and very beautifully maintained. They surround the white marble Bahai shrine and is considered a UNESCO World Heritage site. A remarkable staircase of 1700 stairs and 19 terraces can be appreciated in the Bahai Gardens. This stairway extends up to the northern slope of Mount Carmel, and two streams cascade down through these steps and terrace bridges. Stone steps lead down the slope to the mystical Hanging gardens. The location is considered as the eighth wonder in the world.

7. Heaven’s Gate Mountain, Zhangjiajie City, China

Heaven’s Gate Mountain, Zhangjiajie City, China

For those seeking adventure, the Heaven’s Gate Mountain in the Chinese city of Zhangjiajie offers a great one. This staircase leads to a temple and in order to begin the climb, visitors have to first ride the cable car lifting them thousands of feet higher than ground level or board a bus that journeys up a narrow, curved mountainous path with innumerable twists and turns. Either of these would get one to the base of a massive hole, where the 999 steps await to be ascended. Of late, a Skywalk has been installed that allows tourists to be able to see from the clear glass floor, the massive hole below.

6. Santorini Stairway, Greece

Santorini Stairway, Greece

Built in 1715, by the inhabitants of the Greek island of Santorini, this zigzag stairway has a distance of about 1300 meters between either ends. With a total of 657 steps, each about 4 inches tall in height, the Santorini stairway is paved in stone and extends from the sea to the city.  To help with the ascent and descent, a number of donkeys are available at the location. There is a cable car too installed for transportation.

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