10 Most Trending Beer Brands in USA

United States of America is the one of the state where beer is sold in a large quantity. The type and the kind of beer usually depend upon the age of the consumer. In USA, more than 40 % of the people consume beer, whether it is in the form of wine or in the form of liquor. According to the recent survey in America, more than six persons in the adults drink alcohol in the form of beer. Beer is the most popular beverage among the Americans.

The various surveys are being done in USA to calculate the number of population that uses alcohol on a daily basis. About 64 percent of the US adults revealed that they consume alcohol occasionally. That means nearly two thirds of the US adults drink alcohol.

So the business of Beer in USA flourished a lot during the last few decades. Many significant brands of beer plays an important role in the sales and economy of USA. Beer is a big business and around $100 billion sales of beer stands annually in America.

Let us check the top 10 brands of Beer that are popular and trending among the young and adults of America.

The 10 most popular beer brands in America:

10. Heineken

Heineken Beer

On the list of the popular brands of beer in America, the last stands Heineken, it stands last but it is not the least as the consumers of this brand is not less than 11.90 million people within last 30 days. Heineken was founded in the year of 1864. It is well-known brand that almost all the people of the world knows about it. It is pale lager beer with 5 % of the alcohol in it by volume. It was produced by a Dutch brand called Heineken International.

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9. Busch

Busch Beer

This beer company stands on the number 9 on the popularity basis among the Americans. Almost 62 million people enjoy the taste of this beer. The style of this beer is American adjunct lager and is owned by Adolphus Busch. He developed this company in 1896. It is one of the affordable beer in the market.

8. Michelob Ultra-Light

Michelob Ultra-Light Beer

On number 8 stands Michelob Ultra-Light. The sales of this brand is approx 77 million. It is a low carb and low calorie light beer which is also good for your health as it is nutritionally balanced. It is a 5 % ABV pale lager developed by the owner of Busch Company.

7. Busch Light

Busch Light Beer

Another product by the Anheuser Busch. This product of the Busch Company stands on number 7 in the popularity ranking. The consumers of the Busch Light ranges from 80-84 million. It is also a light lager that can also be used by the heart patients on the recommendation of their doctors.

6. Natural Light

Natural Light Beer

Natural light is on number 6. The sales of this beer is almost 120- 122 million. This is also a product of Anheuser Busch- the one of the leading brand of beer in America. This beer consists of only 4.2 % alcohol by volume.

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