10 of the Most Corrupt Countries in the World

The world today is composed of many countries that are classified into different aspects. There are those countries that belong to the richest ones, and there are also those countries that fall to the poorest nations at the moment. One reason why a country is poor enough is corruption. In this regard, here are the 10 most corrupt countries in the world:

10. Eritrea


Fact is, there are only few people that Eritrea exists in the world map. It’s a small country that is close to Sudan. The country officials decided to open the country with tourists and business investors with the hope of improving the economy that they’re facing right now.

9. Libya 


It’s a famous African country not because of a great leader or a peaceful and safe surrounding, but because of the horrible chaos happening in the country almost everyday. Aside from corrupt officials, political issues are also arising in this nation that’s why the officials don’t have time improving the status of their own country.

8. Uzbekistan


Such nation is pitiful according to a lot of business tycoons. It’s because its President is strictly limiting business investors who can have a business in the country, making the country’s income very minimal. Because of this, the lives of the inhabitants are badly affected.

7. Turkmenistan


Incentives for foreign investors are nowhere to be found in Turkmenistan, and it’s a thing that’s imposed by the government of the country. Because of this, business investors are hesitant to invest in this nation. What’s even sadder is that the government officials are selfishly controlling the country’s income, leading to merciless corruption.

6. Iraq 


This country is well-known worldwide because of the horrible situation it’s facing from before and even up to now. Aside from corruption, it also has some other serious problems that truly affect the lives of the people like violence, protests and uprisings, political turmoil, and inexperienced and unknowledgeable officials.

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