10 Popular Halloween Superstitious Customs

Halloween’s been around for ages, in fact, it’s been celebrated for more than 2000 years. That makes quite an impressive stat.

Halloween is a precursor to the festive season of winter. It’s celebrated all around the globe on 31st of October. That’s the eve of the Western Christian feast of All Hallows’ Day. It’s a time when tribute flows for the deceased in the past years.

There’s something different with Halloween that makes it quite a fun fest. The clothing sense, decorative lightings, superstitious customs makes them intriguing enough and keeps the young enthusiasts hooked upon.

Today, we’d look to shed light onto some of those superstitious customs of Halloween. Have a look around to get a feel of 10 of them.

10) Trick -or- Treating

Trick -or- Treating

  • Probably one of the fun and lovable customs around, it involves kids gathering candy from different houses.
  • The kids dress up in their best scary attires and knock on the porch of the houses.
  • It’s based on the custom that spirits of the deceased enters our world as beggars and ask for money or food.

9) A Night full of Mischief

A Night full of Mischief

  • This one’s really for the teenagers who love to prank on others.
  • The pranks involve all sorts of havocs and is revered by few out there. They still boast of that mischief spark and ignite it before the Halloween.

8) Colors


  • As of the norm, the colors black and orange is associated with this particular festival.
  • These colors represent the crops harvested during the autumns and symbolizes end of summer.
  • These colors have been handed down from the generations above.

7) Cauldron


  • Previously cauldron was used to hold the souls of the deceased to wait on for the reborn procedure as it was considered the womb of the earth.
  • The time has changed quite a bit today with the bowl used for serving snacks and other foods.

6) Spider


  • As far as the folklore goes, seeing these eight legged creature meant that the deceased member of ours were watching upon us.
  • Their creepy look makes it a good choice for pranks upon others.

5) Witches broom

Witches broom

  • There’s no time more suitable to see the witches broom flying all over the places than Halloween.
  • It started off with inspiration from the old ladies who used to walk with stick or brooms as support for their body.
  • In fact, their hallucination medicine made feel as if they were flying through the woods.

4) Witches


  • Getting through Witches broom alone would not suffice, how about knowing about witches too?
  • Witches are celebrated during these fest. You can often cast your eyes to see the teenagers dressing up as witches and roaming around with their broom.

3) Jack -O’- Lanterns

Jack -O’- Lanterns

  • This surely is one of the exciting rituals of this ancient fest. Who wouldn’t love to carve scary faces on the pumpkin?
  • The kids love these custom. This is used to guide the deceased back home.

2) Black Cats

Black Cats

  • Nothing kicks the adrenaline as the black cat in Halloween.
  • It started off as an association with the witches, since the cats were the household pets of old women often termed as witches.
  • As of current, these black cats are used as decoration in and around the house.

1) Bats


  • Bats are the hallmark of Halloween. There’s quite a bit of history behind it.
  • Often the sight of bat makes for a spine shivering fear.
  • There’s a popular belief that a person who sees a bat flying around in the house 3 times, then the person shall face his end.
  • Bats are also associated with haunting the house.

So there’s our list of 10 Halloween superstitious customs. Having read this, you’re good to go for the next time, when winter kicks in and the festival of Halloween is upon us.

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