10 Psychological Disorders of the Superhero Batman

How well do you know Batman?

Batman, the supreme hero of Gotham City is also known as the Cape Crusader. He is a character of the DC comics and was the creation of artist Bob Kane and writer Billy Finger.

Known as Bruce Wayne when he is not wearing the batsuit, Batman came from a prominent family of businessmen in Gotham City. His parents were murdered and their chief butler remained as his closest family. Though rich and prominent, it is also undeniable that Mr. Wayne had gone through so much in life.

But how is Bruce Wayne as a human being? What are his eccentricities? What are his flaws and imperfections? How is he away from his superhero image?

This list dishes to you the top ten psychological disorders of the Cape Crusader. This may really be surprising, but this should also let you in on some details that probably even the most dedicated Batman fan does not even know. So, are you ready to find out?


10. Complicated Grief Disorder

The murder of Wayne’s parents when he was just a little boy left a permanent dent and trauma in Wayne. However, he had very odd ways of coping with his loss. Wayne grew up to become a loner. He associated very infrequently with his business associates and would often be nocturnal. Proof positive of this is that he chose a batsuit to be able to protect himself and those around him.

9. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Seeing both your father and your mother being killed before your very eyes is really hard to endure and to cope with. This is why Bruce Wayne also has post-traumatic stress disorder, which is very common for people who witnessed something horrible or something horrible is done to them. Wayne remains to be perpetually haunted by the events of his past.

8. Depression

This is clearly manifested in Bruce Wayne’s behavior. He is nocturnal and loves everything dark. He tries to masquerade his depression by playing superhero and fighting off crime. However, he is seen as always melancholic and utterly despondent. It is also very hard for him to connect with other people.

7. Schizoid Personality Disorder

Bruce wayne is lonely and despondent when he is away from the batsuit. Yet, he takes on a completely different personality whenever he dons his batsuit and fights off crime. He also chooses to remain distant and detached from much of society.

6. Antisocial Personality Disorder

Bruce Wayne chooses not to face his demons and instead prefers to isolate himself from the rest of society. It is only when he fights crime and dons on his batsuit that people get to really see and somehow get a glimpse of Batman – which is Bruce Wayne’s alter ego. Away from the batsuit, it can really be told that Wayne is totally reclusive by choice.

5. Coulrophobia

One of Batman’s greatest arch enemies, The Joker, dons the face of a clown. This is because Bruce Wayne/Batman is afraid of clowns. This fear is called and labelled as coulrophobia and The Joker uses this much to his advantage.

4. Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

It is also undeniably clear that Batman has OCD. He is very specific about his schedules, has a very rigid mentality and preferences, and is even somewhat obsessed with having everything clean and spic and span at all times.

3. Multiple Personality Disorder

Batman and Bruce Wayne are just classic examples of split personality disorder. Obviously, Wayne assumes a different personality at night and a different one away from the batsuit. But wait. Don’t most superheroes have it, too?

2. Substance Dependence

Not too many people know that Batman is actually dependent on prescription drugs – most especially painkillers. This is somewhat understandable because he is in fighting form as Batman at night. He needs to tolerate physical pain.

1. Munchausen by Proxy Syndrome

This psychological disorder is characterized by forcing your loved ones to feign illness just so you can protect them. Bruce Wayne has shown this several times, especially in the comics version of Batman.

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