10 Things You Need To Know About Hillary Clinton

American politics is having a grand time these recent weeks. With the Democrat primaries in full swing, there have been ripening talks that after having its first black president by way of Barrack Obama, the United States is now poised to have its first female president. That being said, no other name is as deafening today as the name Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton.

The wife of a former US president, here are 10 other interesting facts about Hillary Clinton. Read on and decide if she is your next US president!

Hilary Clinton

 10. She used to work for Wal-Mart

You read it right! Clinton was once a very active member of the board of directors of American giant supermarket chain Wal-Mart. She helped steer Wal-Mart back in the 80’s towards policies and decisions leading to its expansion and current status as a giant corporation.

 9. She is the only first lady to have been subpoenaed

The Whitewater scandal reeled its ugly head during the presidency of her husband, Bill Clinton. Hilary was subpoenaed and was made to testify before a federal grand jury mainly to investigate her and her husband’s real estate investments. In the end, no charges were pressed against the former first lady.

 8. She remains to be the only former first lady ever to seek public office

Hillary, up to this day, remains to be the only former first lady to seek a public post. After her husband’s presidency, she became involved and threw her support to the American military invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq after the September 11 terrorist attacks. She has also served as Secretary of State and as senator.

 7. She became the first student to deliver the commencement speech during her college graduation

Clinton graduated in the Top 5% of her class with a degree in political science from Wellesley College. Her speech lasted a mere 7 minutes but was met with thunderous applause and a standing ovation. The words from her speech were subsequently printed together with a short interview of her in Life magazine.

 6. She rejected Bill Clinton’s first marriage proposal

Hillary met William “Bill” Jefferson Clinton when both of them were in their senior year as law students at Yale University. After graduation, the two eventually moved in and lived together and became each other’s ardent supporters in their respective endeavours. Bill, one night after dinner, drew a ring to propose to his girlfriend. Hillary rejected the marriage proposal because she was still unsure up to that time whether she wanted to spend the rest of her life with Bill or not.

 5. Hillary’s real passion is protecting and championing the causes of children and families

Hillary’s checkered career as attorney is deeply replete with her associations with organizations and individuals which championed the rights of children and their families. No wonder that when her husband won the presidency, the first cause that she publicly championed was on child health care.

 4. She has the record for being the most travelled first lady

Hillary visited 79 nations and territories during her tenure as first lady, breaking the record of 70 countries visited by former first lady Pat Nixon. Often travelling with her husband, her role was mainly for American diplomacy and establishing more cordial relations with countries such as China, India, and Pakistan.

 3. Hillary was against same-sex marriage for the most part of her career

Perhaps owing to her conservative Methodist upbringing, it was only in 2014 where Hillary publicly stated her support for same-sex marriage.

 2. Hillary is a Grammy award winner

Clinton herself was surprised when she on a Grammy in 1997 for Best Spoken Word Album for the audio recording of her children’s book entitled It Takes A Village and Other Lessons Kids Teach Us. In her acceptance speech, she mentioned that she did not realized that the Grammys would actually give an award to tone-deaf singers like her.

 1. Her husband’s affair with Monica Lewinsky left them both broke

Hillary Clinton revealed in one of her candid interviews that the Monica Lewinsky scandal caused them to leave the White House dead broke after paying for attorney’s fees and other related expenses. Nevertheless, their financial situation quickly improved after they left the White House.

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