10 Urban Medical Legends (Truth or Not?)

Today, the medical industry is thriving, and this is all because of the medical experts who keep on discovering things for the betterment of the said industry. However, do you know that there are a number of urban medical legends that are still believed by many people even up to these days? Here are 10 of them:

10. Breast Cancer Can Be Caused By Antiperspirant Products

A lot of people believed that harmful chemicals are contained by numerous antiperspirant products. When these harmful chemicals get inside the body, breast cancer is said to occur. Nonetheless, several groups of scientists found out that there is no truth with this claim.

9. Cancer is Acquirable By Constant Consumption of Instant Noodles

Wax coating is said to be contained in instant noodles, and many people falsely believed that this wax coating can cause cancer. Actually, wax coating can never be the cause of cancer, and it is never contained in any instant noodle products.

8. Sliced Onions Can Prevent Flu

Many people sliced some onions and placed them in their rooms when they have flu. The flu germs can be absorbed by these onions. However, you might get disappointed upon knowing that there’s no truth about it. There’s no way onions can stop the spread of the flu virus.

7. Arsenic Poisoning Can Be Caused By the Combination of Vitamin C and Shrimp

Arsenic isn’t present in the products that contain Vitamin C or even in shrimps. This is why there’s no truth about arsenic poisoning if you are taking Vitamin C supplements and you will eat shrimps later on. You’re definitely safe to do such thing.

6. Men Can Have More Health Benefits By Ogling on Busty Women

Another urban medical legend that people should know is that men can extend their lives for some more years if they will constantly ogle on busty women. Nonetheless, a number of medical experts said that this is not true and there are no medical facts that can support this claim.

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