How to Stock Your Home First Aid Kit

A first aid kit is something essential for every home and as a matter of fact, for every car too because you may require it at any time and anywhere. Having an elementary first aid is not enough, but you also have to ensure that it is well stocked at all the time so that you have everything you need at the time of emergency.

First Aid Kit

Here are a few tips which will help you stock your home first aid kit with all that you may need in future

1. Band-Aids

The most important component of a first aid kit is assorted bandages of various shapes and sizes because they are just the right things to stop blood flow as well as entry of infection in the wounds, in an emergency situation before you get medical help. You must keep plenty of them, ranging from small ones for fingers and knuckles to larger ones and triangular ones.

2. Cotton balls and swabs

Cotton balls and swabs is something you would absolutely need for giving first aid, as they can be used for wiping the wounds as well as applying medicine of them without any risk of infection.

3. Sterile Dressing

The next thing which is essential to a well stocked first aid kit is sterile gauze which will come handy in case of bleeding as well as other injuries as it is used to cover the wound and stop bleeding. Adhesive tape is another thing which would be needed to hold the sterile bandage in its place.

4. Hand Sanitizer

There may be situations when you do not get the chance to wash your hands in emergency and have to get to work directly. This is the time when keeping a hand sanitizer in your first aid kit would help.

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