India’s Top 20 Tallest Buildings – Skyscrapers in India

As a rapidly developing nation, India has witnessed a positive trend in real estate development in the recent years. Not only the metro cities but all other cities of the country today have tall buildings or skyscrapers, which are being used for residential as well as commercial purposes. Truly, these buildings are a standing ovation to the marvelous progress of the country.

Here is a list of top 20 tallest buildings of India:

1. World One

World One

World One is an under construction skyscraper in Mumbai, which will reach a tumultuous height of 442 m once it is completed by 2016. The residential tower will be having 117 floors in all.

2. Palais Royale

Palais Royale

The second tallest building in the country is also located in the city of Mumbai and it is called Palais Royale, to be done with by the end of 2015. The residential building with 88 floors stands 320 m tall.

3. Imperial Tower 1

Imperial Tower 1

The third name on the list of top 10 tallest skyscrapers in India is that of the residential towers called Imperial Tower 1, which was opened in 2010. The 61 storey building reaches a height of 254 m.

4. Imperial Tower 2

Imperial Tower 2

Imperial Tower 2 is another Mumbai based residential building with the same statistics as the Imperial Tower 1, the previous entry on the list.

5. The 42

The 42

The 42 is a Kolkata based residential building opened in 2015. It has a total of 62 floors and extends to a height of 252 m.

6. Ahuja Towers

Ahuja Towers

Mumbai seems to take precedence in terms of having the largest number of skyscrapers in India. Ahuja Towers, another residential tower comes next, with its 53 floors and a height of 250. It was completed in 2014.

7. Lodha Fiorenza 1

Lodha Fiorenza 1

Lodha Fiorenza 1, a residential skyscraper also in Mumbai comes next as it stands 225 m tall and has 62 floors. The skyscraper opened for public in 2015.

8. World Crest

World Crest

Reaching a height of 223 m and having 57 floors, the Mumbai based residential complex called World Crest is the 8th tallest building in India. It was completed in 2014.

9. Lodha Bellissimo A & B

Lodha Bellissimo A & B

Lodha Bellissimo A & B, Mumbai has 53 floors and stands at a height of 222 m, which makes it one of the tallest in the country. It was done in 2012.

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