Top 10 Best Alcohol Brands in the World 2016

All those complementary words are fine, but on a practical note, there is nothing really more satisfying than a wonderful peg after a whole long tiring day. It’s refreshing and energizing. Drinkers know the kind of exuberance they find through the drink. And, if it’s a gang, or a party, then everything feels really incomplete without a proper drink.

However, it is equally important that the drink be of a renowned brand. They know the real taste and maintain the best alcohol percentage that can offer you with the best satisfaction. Here in the line-up we present some of the most renowned brands of alcohol.

10. Jinro


Jinro has all reason to be a successful brand, and the reason is apparent. Soju is the most favorite drink for the Koreans, and the brand is the biggest producer of Soju. Quality is something that has been at the best side for Jinro. They use ingredients like rice, barley for preparation and offer products with great variety of flavors.

Jinro holds a great piece of experience under their account being established in 1924. At present, they have captured more than half of the entire beverage market in South Korea. The whole South Korea is crazy about the brand.

9. Ricard


Ricard owns pretty much the similar status in France as Jinro has it in South Korea. At the same time, they are also quite experienced. The brand made its inception back in 1932. Starting the quest as an option for absinthe they have now become one of the most successful brands over the globe. The brand’s market value has increased in a envy making way in past few years.

8. Bacardi


How can some one complete a line-up like this without inclusion of rum? The brand really doesn’t have a specific zone. They are immensely and equally popular in all parts of the globe. In fact there are people those who understand Rum as the only brand for their alcoholic choice. There are many surveys those also have to say the same thing that rum-Bacardi is the most favourite in the world.

7. Absolut


They are the most antique names in the line-up. The based in Sweden company was founded a huge back in 1879, and today they are one of the most frequently known brands over the globe. They hold a great reputation in terms of producing the liquor at its purest form. Absolut comes at number eleven as the most expensive alcohol brands.

6. Champagne – Perrier Jouet

Champagne Perrier Jouet

For all those party animals going through the line-up at present, this is never really an unknown term. Champagne is one of the most favourite contemporary drinks brand, and Perrier Jouet Champagne understands it in the best fashion. They have a solid market position and hold a huge fan base.

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