Top 10 Best Bikes in America

Bikes are very common vehicles driven by a lot of people all over the world, especially in the United States of America. Aside from the fact that these will not consume gasoline that can be very harmful to the environment, these can also be used in doing physical activities that can keep you healthy. In this regard, here are the top 10 most popular bikes in the US:

10. Haro Bikes

Haro Bikes

Haro bikes come with different kinds and styles. There are Haro bikes available nowadays that are intended for kids, racing activities, MTB bikes, and BMX bikes. The brilliant manufacturer of Haro bikes is the Haro Bikes Corporation. Such company is founded by Bob Haro way back in the year 1978.

9. Fuji Bikes

Fuji Bikes

Fuji bikes are other bikes that managed to create a big name in the United States. These bikes are originally owned by a Japanese company, which happens to be an American-owned at present. The Fuji Bikes company is also offering various cycling equipments apart from their bike products.

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8. Diamondback Bikes

Diamondback Bikes

These bikes are known for a number of amazing bike features. This is one reason why American people love these bikes, which are manufactured by Diamondback Bicycles company. Such company is founded way back in the year 1977, and it is now headquartered in Kent, Washington.

7. Specialized Bikes

Specialized Bikes

These are one of the top choices of many Americans when it comes to bikes. The manufacturer of these bikes has already proven its excellence in the industry of making bikes. This manufacturer is none other than Specialized Bicycle Components, Inc. that is founded in the year 1974.

6. Raleigh Bikes

Raleigh Bikes

What made these bikes very popular is that they’re available in various types. There are those bikes intended in the city, dirty road, and open road. With these selections, there’s no way you cannot have the one that you love the most. These bikes wouldn’t exist without their reputable maker, which is the Raleigh Bicycle Company.

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