Top 10 Best Leading Car Brands in the World

These days, owning a car has become a necessity rather than luxury and the sales of cars have touched the sky all over the globe, many car manufacturers are competing to grab the attention of the buyers, by showcasing the best in looks, mileage, comfort and latest features.

Here are the 10 best brands of cars in the world:

10. Audi


One of the leading car brands in the world is Audi, the German automobile manufacturer and a subsidiary of Volkswagen. It is considered among the most widely appreciated cars in the world, which finds place in a number of films as well as TV commercials.

9. Toyota


Reliability and trust are the second name of Toyota and the brand has fully lived up to its reputation over the years, with a brigade of satisfied customers behind it. models such as Corolla and Sienna have been prize winners this year, with awards and accolades in their kitty.

8. Chevrolet


Chevrolet has earned a place on the list of best car brands in the world due to its dependability as well as affordability. With a very low number of complaints this year, it has been honored with several awards in 2015, with models such as Malibu and Camaro leading in the race.

7. Porsche


Next on the list of top brands of cars in the world is the global leader in car market, Porsche, a pioneer in manufacturing sports cars. Driving these cars is nothing short of a pleasurable experience, as drivers can experience luxury and exhilaration together.

6. Honda


Following closely on this list is the reputed brand called Honda, which has always stood for quality and consistency. The brand brings superb cars such as Civic, Amaze and Fit, which rightfully earn it a place on this list. Over the years, the brand continues to maintain its stature in the international market.

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