Top 10 Best Face Paint Brands 2016

Face paint has become a popular trend these days, whether it is for a Halloween party, a birthday party or some other kind of occasion. It becomes imperative to look for the best brand of face paint as it involves the safety of your skin.

Here are the Top 10 Best Brands of Face Paint:

10. Dazzle DIPS (ProAiir Waterproof Brush On Dazzle DIPS)

As its name suggests, Dazzle DIPS is a face paint brand which is acclaimed for its metallic colors, making it different from the regular ones. It offers a great dazzling finish, but the color may fade after some time.

Best Face Paint Brands 2016

9. ProAiir Hybrid Waterproof Makeup

ProAiir Hybrid Waterproof Makeup is among the most popular brands for professional artists because of its durability, smooth coverage and variety in application techniques such as spray, brush and sponge. It contains no water which gives it a longer shelf life and better finish.

Best Face Paint Brands 2016

8. ProaAiir DIIPS (ProAiir Waterproof Makeup)

Next among the top 10 best brands of face paints in the world is ProAiir DIPS, which makes an ideal choice for outdoor and pool events as it is completely water proof and sweat proof. It has a concentrated formula which gives a durable finish even in extreme conditions.

Best Face Paint Brands 2016

7. Global Body Art (FunStroke Amsterdam 30gr) 

Global Body Art is considered as one of the best brands in the face paint market today, which is loved due to its excellent coverage, top quality hypoallergenic pigments, easy application and vibrant colors.

Best Face Paint Brands 2016

6. Mehron Liquid Makeup 

One of the oldest theatrical make up brand, which has been ruling the US market since 1972 is Mehron Liquid Makeup. It finds great usage in television and theater industry and is regarded for its bright colors, excellent coverage and lasting results.

Best Face Paint Brands 2016

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