Top 10 Best Knife Brands For Your Kitchen

Knife is an important tool for household and especially kitchen. It should be sharp and edgy enough yet very comfortable to hold and safe to use. The knives have many brands across the market but some are durable and some are not. This is what it is important to know the brands of the knives available in the market which has good reputation. Here are the top 10 knife brands available in the world.

10. Becker

Becker Knife

One of the most used and liked brands of the knives; the Becker has won the hearts of many people. It is worthy of its price and has sharp edges. The knives are can be used for longer period due to high quality.

9. Benchmade

Benchmade Knife

The Benchmade knives are one of the best knives in the market. The edges are too sharp and its hold on. There is no need of edging the sharpness in close time for these knives. The knives have good reputation for high durability as well.


ESSE Knife

These knives are costlier than the other brands by a small extent but in quality it is superior than many others. They do not get hold up and have sharp edges. The multiple varieties and high quality make the brand more interesting.

7. Spydecro

Spydecro  Knife

This is one of the better knives that you will come across. The sharp edges of the knives make it sure that time consumed in kitchen is less. The salt ranges of the knives are one of the best at the range.

6. Ka-Bar

Ka Bar Knife

The knives that have multipurpose use are generally liked by the people. Even though the Ka-Bar knives have many varieties but one knife can be used in many ways. The customer feedback of the knife is extremely positive and welcoming.

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