Top Ten Best Makeup Brands in the World 2015

Every women and girl desires to look beautiful. Even for a simple and average looking girl, makeup can enhance her look and also make her look glamorous. Wearing the makeup in a right way at evening party can make a woman attractive. Skin is known to be sensitive and therefore it is necessary that you wear makeup only of high quality. Let us look at the top 10 brands of makeup.

10. M.A.C.

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This is one of the most popular brands for backstage artists. This is because it offers high quality products that stay for maximum time. It is highly popular in India as well as other countries of the world and offers wide range of products to get that perfect look.

9. Chambor


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This brand is simply loved for producing high quality products. For that perfect evening party, wear the Chambor makeup and look attractive and keep all the eyes rolling wherever you go.

8. Avon


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This Indian based makeup brand is known for producing variety of products using natural ingredients. From lipsticks to anti mark creams, fairness creams to compact powder, Avon produces numerous products for all skin types.

7. Elle 18

Elle 18

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This brand is very popularly amongst the teenagers for its attractive range of makeup wear. It offers range of lipstick shades as well as colorful shades of nailpaint to make your nails attractive.

6. Color Bar


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This is another popular brand for makeup that promises to stay for a long time. Color Bar is known for its range lipsticks and eye makeup that can make you look glamorous even while wearing a simple dress.

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