Top 10 Characteristics Traits of a Pisces Person

Pisces, as the name suggests, is the sign related to water and is symbolized by two fish swimming in the opposite direction. People who are born between February 19 and March 20 fall under this zodiac sign and exhibit the personality attributes associated with this particular sign.

Here are top 10 characteristics traits of a Pisces person:


10. Oversensitive

Being oversensitive is a negative trait of a typical Pisces person as they get upset at very small things and react adversely to situations. They also get too involved in the problems of other people and are affected negatively by things which do not even relate to them directly.

9. Indecisiveness

Another characteristic trait of a Pisces personality is that these people can be indecisive as well as hasty in making decisions, which can usually land them in a fix. They are brimming with thoughts and ideas, which tend to confuse them at the crucial decision making moments.

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8. Escapism

Escapism is a typical quality of Pisces people, whereby they would rather escape a violent situation rather than be distressed by it. Negativity is something they would prefer to stay away from as they would not want to feel sad or depressed.

7. Self Pity

Many a times, it is seen that Pisces people end up pitying themselves because they want perfection in life, which is not possible. When they are not able to achieve what they are looking for, they end up getting disappointed with themselves and feeling self pity.

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