Top 10 Fastest Animals on the Earth

Nature is ever amazing as it has created some creatures which have surprising features and abilities that can never be matched by the human race. There are some animals and birds which can travel at an extremely high speed, which are even hard to imagine. Most of the fastest animals on the earth are birds.

Here is a list of top 10 fastest animals on the earth:

10. Onager


One of the fastest animals on the earth is the Onager, which is an animal bearing resemblance to horses but is the size of a donkey as it has short legs. The animal, which changes color with seasons, reaches a speed of 70 km per hour.

9. Horse


Surprisingly, the horse makes it on number 9 in the list, though it is visualized as a very swift animal. The fastest speed to have been achieved by a horse was 70.76 km per hour, a record created by a horse called Winning Brew at a horse race in Pennsylvania in 2008.

8. Kangaroo


The kangaroo, the amazing native of Australia, is the eighth fastest animal in the earth. It can travel at a speed of 71 km/hr, which is quite amazing as the animal travels around by hopping.

7. African Wild Dog

African Wild Dog

Another animal called the African Wild Dog, which is a kind of carnivorous animal, makes it next on the list, as it can travel at a speed of 71 km/hr. The dangerous dog can be found in savannas and wooded areas of Africa and is also known by the names of the Cape Hunting Dog and African Hunting Dog.

6. Brown Hare

Brown Hare

Featuring next on the list of top 10 fastest animals on the earth is the brown hare, which can hit the maximum speed of 72 km/hr. the animal is usually underestimated because of its small size but it can take you by surprise because of its great speed.

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