Top 10 Hottest TV Babes From News World 2015

There are many female celebrities nowadays who are enjoying great success in the entertainment industry because of their television shows aired in a regular basis. These TV babes are excellent in their craft. In terms of beauty, they have very unique and incomparable beauties. Some of them are even looking hot. Here are the top 10 hottest TV babes nowadays:

10. Courtney Reagan

Courtney Reagan

This hot TV babe is very popular as CNBC’s Retail Reporter. She is praised with his great contributions in public television’s Nightly Business Report, Nightly News with Brian Williams on NBC, and TODAY in NBC Channel. In the year 2011, she was the assigned reporter in Business Day, which was aired on CNBC Channel.

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9. Erin Burnett

Erin Burnett

This hot TV babe was born on July 2, 1976 in Mardela Springs, Maryland, USA. She’s currently 39 years of age. She has a news show on CNN that aired regularly, and this is titled Erin Burnett OutFront. She has appeared on The Celebrity Apprentice where she serves as Donald Trump’s advisor.

8. Samantha Ponder

Samantha Ponder

She was born on December 11, 1985 in Phoenix, Arizona and she’s currently 29 years old. Her real name is Samantha Sainte-Claire Steele. She’s an American sportscaster who is making a great name in the television industry nowadays. This hot TV babe can be seen as host and reporter in ESPN Channel.

7. Maria Menounos

Maria Menounos

She’s an American television host, journalist, and actress who is currently 37 years old. This hot TV babe is also an occasional professional wrestler. She’s a regular TV correspondent in American TV shows such as Extra, Access Hollywood, and Today.

6. Courtney Friel

Courtney Friel

This 35-year-old hot TV babe is a regular news anchor in KTLA-TV, which is a news channel based in Los Angeles, California. She also used to be a reporter in Fox News Channel. Currently, she’s living with her husband Carter Evans, who happens to be a CBS News’ correspondent.

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5. Amanda Drury

Amanda Drury

Even though he’s an Australian-born reporter, she managed to make her great reputation in the news world in New York. She’s a regular news anchor in CNBC channel and she’s hosting a finance and business program. Her career in the news world actually began in Japan.

4. Melissa Theuriau

Melissa Theuriau

This hot TV babe was born on July 18, 1978 in Echirolles, France. She’s currently 37 years old. She’s a regular news anchor in M6. She was also once hailed to be the most gorgeous news reporter in the entire world. She’s also the anchor of French TV’s Zone Interdite.

3. Erin Andrews

Erin Andrews

She’s currently 37 years old, and she was born on May 4, 1978 in Lewiston, Maine. She’s a very hot American TV personality, journalist, and sportscaster. Presently, she’s the hot and gorgeous host of Dancing with the Stars aired in ABC as well as FOX College Football aired in Fox Sports.

2. Pamela David

Pamela David

This extremely hot Argentinean model and actress was born on October 6, 1978 in Cordoba, Argentina. She indebted her great fame now from El BarTV 2, which is a reality TV show. Currently, she’s co-hosting Desayuno Americano, which is a program in America TV.

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1. Pamela Silva Conde

Pamela Silva Conde

This very hot Peruvian journalist was born on August 16, 1981 in Lima, Peru. She’s currently 3 years old. She’s a regular anchor in Primer Impacto, which is a weekday newsmagazine aired in Univision channel. Her career in the television began in 2003.

These are the top 10 hottest TV babes that you must know. Their individual career story is certainly very inspiring.

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