Top 10 Major Natural Disasters of the World

Man may have progressed a lot but nature is and always be all powerful, because man cannot harness it even with the greatest scientific progress. There have been a number of natural disasters around the world, which have caused immense damage to life and property.

Here is a list of top 10 major natural disasters of the world:

10. Kaifeng Flood

Kaifeng Flood

One f the biggest disasters the world has seen came in the form of a destructive flood in the Yellow River of China, which literally ruined the city of Kaifeng in the Henan province if China in 1642. The city was flooded by the army and it took a toll of as many as 600000 lives.

9. Tangshan Earthquake

Tangshan Earthquake

Another catastrophic natural calamity which struck China was a dangerous earthquake which hit Tangshan in Hebei, China. The population of the place exceeded one million and 242000 of them were killed by this massive earthquake.

8. Bhola Cyclone

Bhola Cyclone

The next name on the list of top 10 major natural disasters in the world is that of the famous tropical cyclone called Bhola Cyclone, which hit West Bengal and Bangladesh, then East Pakistan, in November 2012. It was one of the deadliest cyclones in the world history, with a death toll reaching between 500000 and 1000000.

7. Banqiao Dam Failure

Banqiao Dam Failure

The Banqiao Dam was one of the strongest dams but it was destroyed by extremely heavy rainfall in 1975. The rain caused such immense pressure on the dam gates that they burst open and caused extensive damage to property besides killing 231000 people.

6. Shaanxi Earthquake

Shaanxi Earthquake

One of the worst natural disasters recorded in the history of the world is the Shaanxi earthquake which hit China on January 23, 1556. The quake rocked more than 97 countries and resulted in a death toll of 830000.

5. Indian Ocean Tsunami

Indian Ocean Tsunami

The huge earthquake which hit the floor of Indian Ocean and later led to a tumultuous tsunami killed more than 230000 people in India, Indonesia and Sri Lanka amongst many other coastal regions of the Indian Ocean. The disaster took place on the Christmas Eve of 2004.

4. The Black Death

The Black Death

The Black Death was an epidemic which struck Europe in 1348, wiping nearly 60% of the population of the continent with its plague like symptoms. The death toll of the epidemic is believed to have crossed the 100 million mark.

3. Gujarat Earthquake

Gujarat Earthquake

Featuring next on the list of top 10 major natural disasters in the world is the earthquake that hit the state of Gujarat in India on the event of the country’s Republic Day in 2001. It measured 7.7 on the Richter Scale and killed 20000 people, left 167000 injured and more than 600000 homeless.

2. East Africa Drought

East Africa Drought

East African countries like Ethiopia, Kenya, Somalia, etc came across the worst drought of the century in 2011, when millions of people were affected by the famine and food shortages caused by the drought.

1. Yangtze River flood

Yangtze River flood

One of the worst natural calamities of the 20th century came in the form of the flood in the Yangtze River of Southern China, which came as an aftermath of the heavy torrential rains which stormed the country in August 1931. As many as 3.7 people lost their lives in the disaster.

Till date, all these disasters have proved to be the worst ones and cast a shadow of fear on the minds of people around the globe.

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