Top 10 Male Celebrities with Eating Disorders

The glitz, glamor, and demands of living the Hollywood lifestyle had taken its toll on so many people. Tinsel town puts great emphasis on looks and body form – especially for female celebrities.

But male celebrities are not exempted from the grueling eye of the public. Male celebrities are also expected to look good all the time – the illusion of a dashing debonair or an iconic Hollywood leading man. Sometimes, it can all get too much. The pressure of looking good gets on one’s nerves and does more harm than good.

This article will let you in on 10 male celebrities who, over the years, have battled various eating disorders. How many of them do you know?

10. Caleb Followill

Caleb Followill

The front man of Grammy-winning band Kings of Leon had battled anorexia nervosa as a teenager. Feeling inadequate and not good enough, he focused his insecurity on his weight as he felt that he was getting quite chubby. He also overdid exercise and jogged with thick clothes on. This took a toll on his body as his weight shrunk. He soon sought the help of doctors to combat his condition.

9. Dennis Quiad

Dennis Quiad

90’s heartthrob Quaid started his battle with anorexia during the filming of Wyatt Earp, where he played a dying doctor. He lost 80 pounds for the role. While this was a normal preparation for character actors like Quaid, he soon felt very unsatisfied with his condition. Every time he looked at the mirror, he would still see a 180-pound man even though he had already shed more than 40 pounds and was already so skinny. He sought the help of a doctor for treatment for anorexia.

8. Billy Bob Thornton

Billy Bob Thornton

Academy Award winner Thornton also had a bout with amnesia back in the late 90’s. He weighed 197 pounds, felt totally fat, and resulted to excessive dieting and exercising where he later on shed more than 50 pounds. Thornton admitted that he knew he had anorexia when everybody thought he was so thin – except Thornton himself. His then girlfriend, Laura Dern, also played an instrumental role for Thornton to finally recover from his eating disorder.

7. Elton John

Elton John

Grammy-winner and music legend Elton John had a long battle with bulimia back in the 80’s. During those times, he, after a satisfying meal, would run to the toilet to throw up what he ate – as this would make him feel less guilty and less fat – a classic trait of those afflicted with bulimia. He kicked out his bulimia and cocaine addiction by going to rehab and through the help of a friend who also had bulimia – the late Princess Diana.

6. Russell Brand

Russell Brand

Comedian Russell Brand had a very difficult childhood. He felt not only awkward but depressed, lonely, and fat. At 14 years old, he was diagnosed to have bulimia. With the help of family and doctors, he kicked out his disease in his late teens through medication and a whole lot of counseling.

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