Top 10 Modern Headboard Ideas to Improve Your Bedroom Design

Headboard is a very important part of bed. It’s used in keeping the blankets, pillows, and some other bedroom stuffs organized. Moreover, headboard is also an essential part of bed that can add more aesthetics to the entire bedroom appearance. Here are the 10 best and beautiful headboard ideas to improve your modern bedroom design 2015:

10. Wood Headboard

Wood Headboard

This is a good idea as far as bedroom design is concerned. It can surely accentuate the overall appearance of your bedroom. Obviously, the headboard is made from high quality wood. Three posts of wood are enough. The darker color of wood will match the darker paint colors painted in your bedroom walls.

9. Book Headboard

Book Headboard

This concept of headboard is something that you cannot see in a typical bedroom most of the time. This is perfect for those students who have lots of books to arrange, to the extent that they can no longer be accommodated in a bookshelf. You just need to file the books on the head part of your bed.

8. Fish Tank Headboard

Fish Tank Headboard

This is another beyond-ordinary headboard concept that may be appealing to you. This can be perfect to your modernly-designed bedroom. Moreover, it’s for you if you love marine life. You can stare at the fishes in the aquarium before you fall asleep in your bed.

7. Cockpit Headboard

Cockpit Headboard

Cockpit headboard concept is usually perfect for boys’ bedroom. However, this doesn’t mean that girls cannot have this headboard idea. Instead of a typical wooden headboard, what is being installed is a cockpit. It’s the front area of an aircraft where the control room of the plane is located.

6. Wall Art Headboard

Wall Art Headboard

If you love art, then this is something that you shouldn’t miss. This headboard concept is simple. You just have to display a piece of art in your wall. If you want to showcase the artistic side of you, you can choose to paint a piece of art on your wall.

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