Top 10 Most Expensive Lavish Houses in the World 2015

According to a famous proverb, “Food, Clothing and Shelter” is a necessity of living. For shelter, house is necessary. No matter what type of house it is, small or big, as long as it provides shelter, you can live in it.

While some people need only a house for living but many people prefer luxury over necessity. That is the reason that they build luxurious houses instead of simple ones. I am going to list the top 10 most luxurious houses of the world that are not only beautiful but are very much expensive as well.

Here is the list of top 10 most luxurious houses of the world that the billionaire business tycoons have built as their property:

10. BranCastle – Romania

BranCastle – Romania

The Bran Castle situated near Bran in Romania is a luxurious castle which is worth $135 million. It is famous by the name Dracula’s Castle because it was depicted as the home of the character Dracula and was transformed into museum in 1980. The Bran Castle with 57 rooms in total and 17 bedrooms having antique furniture is on the 10th number of our list of top 10 luxurious houses of the world.

9. Updown Court – England

Updown Court – England

This luxurious house situated in the village of Windlesham in Surrey, England is worth of $139 million and is built in a Californian style. The total area of this luxurious house is 58 acres having 103 rooms in total. The house is equipped with all the luxurious facilities like pool and bowling alleys. It was the most expensive house of the world in 2005.

8. The Manor – California

The Manor – California

The Manor is situated in Los Angeles in California and is the biggest house of that city. This Manor is also known as the Spelling Manor worth of $150 million. This luxurious house was built in 1991 in a French Chateau Style and have 123 rooms in total.

7. Franchuk Villa – UK

Franchuk Villa – UK

This Franchuk Villa worth of $161 million is situated in Central London in the city of Belgravia. The house is a beautiful one and is listed among the most expensive houses having 6 floors in total with facilities like home theaters, gym, swimming pool, etc. It is built in Victoria’s style.

6. Victorian Villa – Ukraine

Victorian Villa – Ukraine

The Victorian Villa worth of $161 million is the home of Ukrainian businesswoman and philanthropist Elena Franchuk. The Victorian Villa of Ukraine is the 5 story house with all the luxurious facilities. The house is equipped with sauna gym, swimming pool, home theaters, etc.

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